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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Harris921, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, Im a 24 year old male and am very interested in joining the Royal Navy. Im a vehicle technician at the moment working on Volkswagen cars and vans so Im really interested in air tech, ship mechanic/engineer and also submarine mechanic/engineer.

    Shortly after leaving school I spent 12 months in the army, I passed out at ATR pirbright so I know all about basic training. I would like to know more information on life at sea and life in the Navy once phase one and phase two training have been completed. I would particuarly like to hear from air techs and ship mechanics. What are your daily tasks? Whats a typical day for you guys?

    I have perceptions that all Naval personel are stuck in the middle of the ocean for 6 months at a time, is this true? Do you get to see much of the world or just the ocean? After all one of the main reasons for joining the forces is to travel and see the world.

    I would love to speak with a submariner, this really interests me but I fear it to be a lonely life stuck at the bottom of the sea for 6 months at a time.

    How does the Navy affect your personal life? Do you see much of your wife/partner and children? For single personel do you find it hard to meet women because your always stuck at sea?

    I dont mean to sound ignorant, this is just my perception of Naval life. I hope to be corrected by this forum.
  2. Why did you leave the Army Harris?
    If I had one piece of advice visit a RN recruiting office they'll give you answers to most if not all your questions.
  3. Am I right in thinking there are not many facilities for you guys on board subs? What do you have in terms of keeping fit?
  4. I havent been on boats long so my answer maybe corrected by those that were in the RN 30 years ago, however for what its worth on my current boat we have

    2 x rowing machines.
    1 x AB machine
    1 x cycling machine
    punch bag and some weights.
  5. I know that with the boomers its 3 months on then 3 months off, but how much a year do you spend away on average on an attack boat??

    I know every draft varies but just generally how long would you most probably end up spend actually on the boat a year, and also because the attack boats are getting less and less, does this increase the amount of time you spend at sea a year? Or would you spend about the same amount of time at sea as general service?

    sorry, just wanna know everything before i decide
  6. If you don`t want to spend a lot of time at sea, why join the Navy? If you do, what does it matter?
  7. No they're not.
  8. Stop right there.

    I think you mean "bombers", if you are referring to SSBNs.

    We're not the Yanks.
  9. We've just decommisioned Superb, unless a new boat was commisioned that I haven't heard about then we now have less SSNs than we did a few weeks ago. We certainly have a lot less than we did when I joined.
  10. Journo?
  11. If you're referring to me then no. Serving submariner who was correcting Guzzlers assertion that the SSN fleet isn't getting smaller. It is. That's just a fact. If you take something away without replacing it, than you have less than you had. When Astute is in service the numbers will have gone up again, but we will still have less SSNs in service than we did 18 years ago when I joined up.

    Why would a straightforward statement of fact make me look like a journalist?
  12. Not you...he means Harris921 ^_^; ...I think...
  13. If that's the case then I apologise. Still I hardly think Harris921s question could be viewed as that contentious. If he is a journalist he's not going to get much of a story out of "Conditions on submarines are a bit cramped".
  14. A bit cramped, stowing a S boat is like trying to get a football into a space made for a marble. Spent many an hour in those dog kennels getting all the bits into those lockers, covered in shite and oil. Only to have some backafty require those bits 10 min to the end of the watch on steak night, while east of Suez. Bandits I think they did it on purpose.
  15. Good whinge!! :thumright:
  16. He's heard someone spin that dit, he was always 5W. The 'proper' LSA & SA did all the hard work ;)
  17. Aye always 5W with you, you sea dodger. You did not know there was a boat aft of the 58 bulkhead.
  18. Aye good point. Shame I had to do my MEOs walkround back there for SCOOW.

    Mind you, you werent onboard for that were you. :thumright:
  19. My heart pumps piss!
  20. We agree on something :) :)

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