What's it like to be a Royal Marine Commando?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Sitmus, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. :hello2:

    Hi, first of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum.

    I've always looked up to the marines and always admired them, along with the SAS.

    I just wanted to ask you Royal Marines, what's it like to be one?

    What type of operations do you do? What's it like living in the desert? How do you feel when shooting at someone? Whats the food like, lol?

    Do you ever fear of being KIA or loosing limbs :sad10: ?

    I've read the Marine website, but I'd thought I'd ask the actual commandos themselves. From their personal experiences.

    I'm also thinking of joinning the marines when I'm older. :)
  2. Just read the "Don't talk about operations" in the "Free beer and kebabs" topic, so never mind about that.

    I do mind the fact I missed out on a free kebab. :(
  3. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    Don't think about it - do it!! Try and become one of the 0.05%

  4. You just need to remember that in the Royal Navy there are two kinds of marines; Submarines and Royal Marines.

    They both carry sailors :thumright:

  5. Bergs, do the sedan chairs get very heavy? :laughing6:
  6. Only after the first 30 miles carrying a very fat PO Stoker :bball: :bball:
  7. Excuse me - the PO Stoker is not fat at all! He has recently lost a stone in weight.

    However, I think his ovvies are pretty heavy, due to the build up of oils, deisel and other fluids!
  8. He's just clocked in at being 2'6" too short for his weight! :thumright:

  9. If I want to be a marine I need to change my fitness :/

    Which is why I'm using the exercise program recommended on the Royal Marine website to drop the weight lol :p
  10. Change your standard of fitness to high standard, get used to being cold & wet, learn not to complain! the training is very hard, the training team will not like you, but most of all if you want do it!
  11. Cut out a lot of bad food in my diet, and cut down my meal portions. Kinda scrwed at the moment though, starting at easter and getting 5 easter eggs! :p

    I do 30-40minutes of bike exercising a day.

    Hopefully I'd of made a lot of progress in a few months. :thumright:
  12. Hi Sitmus and welcome to RR.
    Firstly if you want to join the Royal Marines you must develop your levels of commitment and endurance, you should do this by sending those Easter Eggs to me. The cost of postage will prove you're worthy and then I shall post a vid of me eating them which you'll have to endure.
    Alternately, it sounds as though the PO Stoker is in need of a break from Rosies Rabbit Food Wonder Diet, so you could send him a few to cheer/fatten him up.
    He also seems to be decorating his Overalls with fluids not of a Naval nature, they seem to come from the genital region. Rosie has obviously been neglecting her Drainage Party duties Tut, Tut.
    Good luck.
  13. If i was you, i would start running, start at about 3k, then cycle 3k on a real bike, go swiming twice a week and the gym 3 times a week, and start building up, do this for twelve months but increase your distances and weights every two weeks, by the summer you will have to fight women off with a shitty stick.

    However the real test is if you can trap off and shag a real fcuking horror as this will be expected of you in week two. the Gronks Ball test :thumright:
  14. FFS Achmed!

    Are you trying to put him off??

    At least allow him the opportunity to experience having his banjo string sandpaped by anything but The Gronk!

    At least, it he can run 3, then ride 3, then dipping it he shouldn't have any trouble pumping his piston!

  15. OSD it was manditory in the 80s..........i still have re-occouring nightmares by being sucked off by the humpbacked claw that used to freakquent the Gronks ball.FFS

    I think a new thread on this subject should shed light on things, i will post it in LiLs
  16. ummm... what's the gronk? :eek:
  17. A life-enhancing experience!

  18. I plan to do that. :) Just, well tbh, never been a fan of exercising tbh and spent most time on my 360 ^_^; but when i got of my arse and starting exercising i enjoyed it. :)

    What I'm doing is building it up everyday. First day: 10mins, second day: 20 mins 3rd day: 30 mins 4th day: 40 mins 5th day: 50 mins 6th day: 1 hour.

    Get's a bit boring though whilst I am doing it so I just watch TV or play COD4 :rambo:
  19. This is were mental attitude comes in, you can be as fit as fcuk but if you got the wrong attitude dont fill the forms in, as for being bored you should get out more do abit of your own adventure trg, i am now 42 i run 8k cycle 10k and swim 1k per 5days aweek i teach diving in my spare time........I still shag fcukin horrors at the weekends and yes my knees are fcuked but i run on sand :rendeer:

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