whats involved - helicopter maintenance procedures?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by mcleanio123, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. As title says I'm interested in finding out what sort of duties aet's will perform on helicopters.

    Maintenance checks

    What do you check exactly? Oil levels, engine coolant? Rotor blade conditions?

    Help would be much appreciated, thank you
  2. sgtpepperband

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    You need big arms. Not just to carry the toolboxes for the CPOs and POs but to open the clicky chair, fluff your pillow and rub Hawaiian Tropic onto your oppo's back... :strong: :glasses1: :sunny:
  3. All components on a helicopter are lifed items, and are subject to flexible servicing, you will be required to carry out these flex ops, and all other snags written down in the A700 (in old money) by Sir or other less beings. You will not be allowed to service or sign for any work, until qualified QM and later QS Ie Q to maintain and Q to sign for. You will be chaperoned for many a year by the Killick or PO of that helicopter. Until you reach the dizzy heights of QS and QM, where your superior will also sign for you work, as supervisory ps also you will run errands for everybody,and run the coffee boat,and fresh water wash the paraffin pidgeon after every flight over the oggin after that you can go ashore ,and spin dits,about the mightyFAA and call yourself a real grubber
  4. Exactly what I was after scouse. Thank you. Selection interview for AET tomo and trying to get info on job tasks. Excellent.
  5. You'll need a new school AET to answer this one.

    I used to be old school AE (Airframes & Engines.) The servicing was as Scouse described in them thar days. However, technology moves along and so I assume does the servicing needs. There was much mention of modular aircraft, ie, whole sections would be replaced with minimal manpower and effort. Serviceability of modern aircraft has got better so servicing may have been amended to reflect this.

    However, I imagine all aircraft, rotary or FW will have before flight and after flight checks or inspections. Normally involc=ving the checking of fluid levels in gearbox's, engines etc. avionic suites need checking.

    Specifics will be dependant on aircraft type. You get very good training so I wouldn't worry overly about the nitty gritty. Military aircraft a re generally said to be over serviced but when you look at what they are expected to do you will soon understand why!
  6. Waspie will be along shortly he is an ex grubber and old and bold ex aircrewman, me just an ex pinky and old and bold aircrewman lol
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  7. We must have been typing at the same time mukka!!!!
  8. Get to know what aircraft the FAA has and is expected to have. What Naval Air Squadrons operate which type and Mark of aircraft. What ships can take which aircraft too.

    A visit to the RN website may help on that one.

    Good luck but I think you left the cramming a bit late if your looking at interview tomorrow!!!!!!!
  9. I have been revising for the interview for a while however I was waiting for this info from a friend who is an aet but he's at sea on deployment so can'tccontact him.

    Thank you waspie. These little bits of info will give me much more confidence.

    I know the ships now but not in such detail as the info I find is a bit blurred regarding what they carry however I know what they do.

    New QE class carriers for future
    Destroyers -new type 45s
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  11. Waspie and Scouse are both pretty much spot on with their info.
  12. In addition to all that's said above, you'll not interact with the rest of the ships company and try your damned hardest to get out of whole ship duties such as flat cleaning and ditching gash.
  13. What a load of cods!!! You get out what you put in. If you don't talk to any one they are not going to talk to you. Having spent time on Frigates and carriers as a Woo, as a mechanic and aircrewman I found it is all about characters.

    You get out of life what you put in. Yes the fisheads and clankies are going to take the piss out of us because of our Wooness but throw it back - it's called banter. FFS!!!!!
  14. Typical wafu response....Only time I saw you on a ship was as a welding sentry during a refit
  15. #

    Looks like your mailies will be the first ones ditched when the Woos collect the mail:blob2:
  16. Not Mine . Ive bean alongside 25yrs, postman pat brings mine.
  17. not a good move my bold !!!! when you are on a Small ship flight, or a large flat top drafted ships company AED.^_~
  18. Since when do Wafu's do sentry alongside unless drafted as ships company?
  19. When we had a decent sized navy
  20. when we had a decent sized navy and you could actualy see a ship in port:tongue10: and I did say welding sentry, not sentry thats for real sailors...:evil2:
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