What's In Jacqui's Bag?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by sgtpepperband, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    In sober suit and clutching a bright carrier bag, could this really be the Home Secretary emerging from one of the saucier High Street stores?

    In this week of all weeks, some might say she'd be a fool not to treat herself to a little retail therapy.

    And considering her husband's rather adventurous viewing habits, Jacqui Smith would be perfectly justified in showing her own broad-minded streak. Ann Summers offers everything from naughty maid's outfits to fluffy handcuffs.


    What do you think is in Jacqui's bag and do you think she actually paid for it? :wink:
  2. A Jeff Stryker lifesize dildo, and no I reckon she'll put that on her expenses.... :lol:
  3. A Gimp suit with hoop stretching appliance for hubby and a clockwork cucumber for herself (wind up version is more eco-friendly than battery operated)
  4. :twisted: Whatever is in her bag will be paid for by the electorate. I expect she will cross the item out with a black marker pen for security reasons :twisted:
  5. Come now chaps how she weens hubby of porn is surely her business, as long as she doen't claim the cash back from us.
  6. Well Maxi
    She claimed a few pence for a bath plug. Wonder how much she would claim if she ever bought a Fanny Plug :oops:
  7. Do they make them that large....?????
    My God Slim, now I know why i'm a poof! :lol:
  8. Prob having a look to see what Darling can Tax next?
  9. Jacqui's bag may contain naval documents. AFO's
  10. Hmmm...the colour of the bag clashes a bit with the exterior decor of the retail outlet...

    ...I wonder if her hubbies cheeks were a similar shade on Monday?
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    She's getting desparate ..

  12. Or a Butt Plug! Ummm, whatever one of them is...... :oops:
  13. Deluxe life size doll of Tony B Liar complete with life like hair and permanent erection. Err, so I'm told ....

    SPB, I see the link no longer works. Am I correct in being "suspicious" here?
  14. At last it can be revealed. Pissed off with her husband she has done a "bobbit" on him. Result a dick in the bag.
  15. Battery operated repro of the Mace?
  16. Frankly I'd be more worried about what was no longer in her hubbys bag! and where it went!!!!
  17. Nice Photoshop job.
    A silky negligee for her Bootneck lover to wear? :oops:
  18. Strange how a human head was found in a field not long after all this broke, plus an arm and a leg in different places as well, I feel a conspiracy theory coming on 8O
  20. Not implying that she's been set up, or anything; but did the scuffs ever forgive her for creative interpretation of their backdated pay award? Maybe the "adult toyshop" is the only place she can get handcuffs and fun truncheons these days. Perhaps hubby likes to fantasise about being worked over by a burly crusher.

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