What's harder? INT at Raleigh or first 10 weeks at BRNC?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jimgallagher, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. I've only done Raleigh so can't compare. There must be a few guys and girls on here that have been through both!
  2. 14 week tiffs course at Raleigh (99) was harder than 9 months at BRNC(04). Although maybe the new INT(O) course has been made harder than when I went through. Dartmouth seemed a bit like Butlins when I was there. Although maybe the initial shock of capture had a bit of an effect as I went through Raleigh.

    Think I preferred my time at Dartmouth though. The Summer and Christmas balls were brilliant

    It was like that when I found it chief
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Those that have experienced both will have experienced Raleigh prior to BRNC in the majority of cases and will therefore be much better "conditioned" by the former before completing the latter. In most cases those going to BRNC will do so many years older, wiser and more mentally mature, so I'd guess the "shock of capture" will be more vividly applied to recollections of Raleigh.

    For those who opt out or are discharged from BRNC & subsequently join as a rating and pass out of Raleigh, I'd guess they would say BRNC was harder.
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  4. OP - why does it matter? Hundreds of thousand have gone through the system(s) and in most cases survived!

    I'm pretty sure that I did 'harder' physical and mental 'things' after passing out.

    Man up, crack on and just enjoy the process.
  5. It doesn't 'matter'. But on this forum I didn't think it was necessary to only discuss things that you deemed to matter. In future I shall run things by you first.
  6. Don't get precious JimG, it's a valid question IMO, why do you want to know and what would it prove if one is harder than the other?
  7. Oh dear I sense tears and tantrums before tea time :happy1:
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  8. Do you have to do all the militarisation stuff if you only did Raleigh earlier this year? That will seem fairly easier the second time around probably at least.
  9. Not getting precious, just being sarchy...

    Sonar-Bender is right though, it doesn't matter. But neither do a lot of discussions on here.

    And no, it wouldn't prove anything at all if one is harder than the other - my question wasn't a leading one trying to make or prove any kind of point.

    Was genuinely just curious as to what people thought about how the first ten weeks at BRNC compare to the first ten weeks of Raleigh.
  10. The thing is, unless someone's done both within a short space of time of each other, you'll never know because, as has been pointed out, if someone has done both, the first one they've done will set them up for the subsequent one.
  11. Wah-hey! I'm right about something!!!!!!!

    Can you please write a note to SWMBO saying so!
  12. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Wrecks saying you are right will not wash with SWMBO. Verification must be from a female.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren

  13. Now, as a blonde ex WREN, I hope you are not offering the verification, as Mrs S-B the 1st was a blonde (now ex) WREN. So you can see my dilemma - you, using the anonymity of RR MIGHT be my ex wife! This would leave us in the situation where Mrs S-B 1st was effectively supporting Mrs S-B 2nd.

    Anyway, all far too confusing - I'm going for a lie down now!
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  14. Having recently been mingling with OCs going through the first 10 weeks at BRNC, I can assure you that even those who had been through Raleigh found it pretty tough going. The course is more physically demanding than I ever thought it was.
  15. Even the sailing...
  16. Well not MY course, obviously - although it wasn't without its physical challenges. Sailing not being one of those ;)
  17. Having now done both in the space of twelve months I can confirm that in almost every way the first term of training at BRNC is a lot harder. And rightly so.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good effort, well done, etc. Good to hear qualified feedback.

    Interesting to hear the phys is harder, but then I'd hope it was for those leading by example.

    My thoughts are that initial training, Officer & Rating, should be in the same location - much the same as Royal Marines Other Ranks & Officers. That way, everyone can see the standards are higher (harder, faster, longer, more intense) and respect is that much easier to earn. It baffles me that the RN doesn't follow the inspirational RM lead - what are your thoughts?
  19. We tried, very very hard, about 18 months ago to make this happen. For reasons due to Army units moving back from Germany, it never happened.

    The plans are on the shelf, ready to go.
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  20. I completely agree. For the first ten weeks militirisation at least.

    Most of the phys at Raleigh is IMF. There are a few other things thrown in too but that's the main thing. At BRNC we do IMF as well but also do a couple of 0600 phys sessions a week. One of them, for the first seven weeks anyway, is a pre-able session. Basically phys with bergens and webbing to prepare for ABLE. There are a few pre-ABLEs thrown in during the week over the first 7 weeks too. So basically we do the same phys as Raleigh and then more on top of that.

    Recruits get more sleep at Raleigh too! Lights out at 2230 every night would be more than welcome at BRNC. I'm generally still ironing my kit of polishing my shoes at that time.

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