Whats happened to 107 Tp members??

Discussion in 'RMR' started by ex_rubberdagger, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Come on lads your last post was on 28th jan. Has it got a little too hard for you already and you've wrapped your tits in??
  2. Only the strong die hard are left I heard, steeley eyed killers in the making... :rambo:

    Wait... whoa, whats that? Did someone say 'Brown'?...


  3. Thanks for that pearl of wisdom!!
  4. No problem siah :thumright:
  5. Down in numbers from the start.

    Not conclusive, but from what I can tell:
    ManDet: 15 to 11
    LivDet: 20+ to 7 or 8
    BirDet: 15 to 6 or 7


    One ManDet lad backtrooped by choice as he can't get time off for CTCRM, one lad wrapped as can't get time off from uni.

    sabbo and TheRust are still present and correct, not sure who else posts on here really.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hang on in there fellas, it'll be worth it.
  7. Just lettin you know, im still tickin!!
  8. alright lads, livdet is going to be down to about 6 or 7 soon mate
  9. Hows that? Are you LivDet's equivalent of the Deepcut sniper!? :boogie:

    This weekend nearly saw me off to be honest, another top ManDet lad wrapped on the Friday and really took the heart out of it for me, and I don't know what I did differently to everyone else but the cold weather has fcuked me right up.
  10. Dig out. It's only pain. The fun will start in Phase II, learning tactics and that.
  11. It's always hard, damn near impossible I should say, to judge who will rap.
    Guys who seem to be coping well with training may have personal problems that just tip the balance or may just realise that they have reached their mental and physical limits.
    Try not to let it effect YOUR efforts, it may be tempting to think "Jeez, he was a cert to pass, if he rapped I've got no chance.", you just have to keep going and grind it out.
    Just think, you've got the Commando tests to look forward to. He He.
  12. I can just see MC hammer rapping his way around the water obstacles although he will have major problems with the jekyll and hydes he used to wear!!

    "Cant touch this""

    :thumright: :thumright:
  13. Sideways crabby dancing style a trifle difficult through the tunnels and Harem Pants in Peter's Pool would surely hold far too much water and cause him to topple over.
    Still might be good for the syndicates starting after him, what an incentive to catch up and twat him one on Heartbreak Lane.
  14. Time to think positively. If you have been fit all of your life it will kill you when some thing, usually the weather, weakens you. Training teams see it all the time, and it stands out a mile. In my experience this is when some of the less obvious recruits rise up to be counted. It's a great morale booster for the 'weaker' ones but it often kills the confident, super-fit types :w00t:
  15. Very true. It's at this stage that some of the big hard men, nightclub doormen, gym rats, triathletes and the like decide that whilst they've coped ok with the phys, they can't cope with the cold, wet, hungry, lack of sleep as well. And of course all the bull. Dig out boys, get that cap comforter on your head, and your half way there.
  16. I saw a few of these types fall by the wayside on day one of my training with the TA. Really tough blokes who had strong healthy bodies but too much bulk for the runs. It was usually a run up and down Sydenham hill in south london a few times with a weighted daysack that sorted them. Oh how the 10 and a half stone at the time ex rubberdagger laughed as they struggled up the hill on their first attempt!!!

    :thumright: :thumright:
  17. Best of luck 107 Troop.

  18. You wrapped? Well done for having the balls to have a go if so.. good luck, you take this experience with you forever.
  19. Nice try mate, it isnt the hardest reserve forces training outside of SF for nothing but well done for trying
  20. Hard luck fella, give it some time and maybe you'll have another go.
    Best of luck.

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