Whats good about the RNR!!

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WarMonger, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Do we moan too much..maybe so!!

    How about a bit of morale building...whats good about the RNR...what has the RNR given you...new experiences etc etc!!
  2. My god - that was worrying when I only saw 1 reply posted - thank god for the attached thread !!
  3. Shipmates!!
  4. Just about to find out, as I have just joined, but I am sure that everything will be just as most RR members have told me, that I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  5. which unit?
  6. trehorn you should have PM'ed that really
  7. I don't know what the RNR is for really, but I won't knock them as my eldest daughter had her wedding reception at HMS President, and a jolly good time was had by all, especially the proud Dad. Shame her mother insisted on coming.
  8. I am applying to join HMS Pres, seems like a good bunch. I am looking forward to training with them.

  9. errr- why?

    people rattle on about their units/ships all the time. If he wants to keep it under wraps he can pm me!
  10. Trehorn, PM- ed you.

  11. Getting to go places like Cadiz. Chile and Gib for free (and getting paid for it)
  12. whats good ?, how about, BERMUDA, WASHINGTON, NEWPORT RI, LISBON, POLAND, NEW YORK, GIB, AZORES, BALTIMORE, ST MALO, CAEN , ALDERNEY. ETC ETC and shed loads of lifetime friends that you can rely on oh and loads of free management and leadership training, OH and you get paid.

  13. I have no hesitation in saying that joining the RNR was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. As previous people have said, you make some fantastic friends who you can rely on 100%; you get to go to some great overseas and British destinations at Pusser's expense; you learn 'hard' skills that you can use in civvy street ( I got my present job as a direct result of skills I learnt in the RNR )and you learn a certain way of looking at the world that helps you in life ( like the Matelot sense of humour).

    You get to experience sights and situations that will stay with you long after you've hung up your steaming bats for good and which you can never explain to someone who's led a wholly civilian existence.Sometimes these experiences can be unpleasant , but the vast majority of the time they're great and not to be missed.

    I know that some things that happen in the RNR can make me angry beyond words, but then you have to balance that with the good stuff, and the good stuff comes out on top every time.
  14. That's great as long as you don't mind Baghdad, Basra, Kabul, Kandahar, Bosnia, Kosovo or any other hell-holes we have not got enough regulars for, believe me these places are not just the domain of Army, RAF, RM.
  15. Good friends, fantastic opportunities, sports, AT, social events, pride in yourself...I've only been in for a year but already I can credit the RNR with bringing about hugely positive changes in my life.

    I wouldn't recommend it for everyone though, you have to be really committed to it to reap the benefits, even moreso than the RN. But the RNR has so many potential benefits, if you look for them.
  16. like everything the rnr is what you put in you get back out

    I have people in my team who moan about everything :( even when they get what they want. but some people are like that

    most people enjoy the RNR and do get things back. It is what keep me going, esp when you get a young AB suddenly realise that they have achieved something they never though about before. :p

    Some of the leadership tasks that we provide for the people are great and you do see a sense of achievement in people (even the old hands who act cool saying i've done this type of thing before)

    Positive mental attitude and want to learn and grow and you will achieve lots
  17. Hmm, where have I been going wrong...

    Plymouth, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Antwerp, Les Menuires (Skiing), Morrocco (AT), Arnhem
  18. The good thing about the RNR is it gives me a part time job in the RN.

    When life in a blue suit gets beyond a joke I just remind myself that I have a real job to go back to.
  19. Raleigh basic training was my best experience!

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