Whats going to happen to the royal navy??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, May 12, 2010.

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  1. whats going to happen to the royal navy now that Cameron has come into power?
    and what is going to happen to People aspiring to go in the royal navy ( such as me )
    as i have heard that there is going to be redundences? in the armed forces? is this true??
    Im pretty worried that i wont get in :?
    Cheers guys x
  2. It's game over. The buzz in the Naafi queue is they're going to close all afco's down for at least 10 year starting for 2011. If you aren't in before then you're sh*t out of luck

    That's the buzz :thumbright:
  3. The only thing that I've read from a reliable source so far is that the Government is going to stick with the plans to replace Trident, but will be keeping a close eye on costs.
  4. Even during times of redundancies there is a need for the armed forces to ensure investment in the future (especially personnel). You may see tighter entry requirements to ensure highest standards of recruitment but you shouldn't see the tap turned off even if there are simultaneous losses among the experienced cadres.

    In fact you may even find that now is a good time to join because the traditional log jam at the top gets eased leading to improved promotion prospects for those further down the food chain.
  5. Where have you heard this from, can you quote any sources. If it's from a redtop paper, just ignore it.
  6. More likely scenario
  7. From my mate Baz, he works in the local and at the weekends he goes camping with SF Deano.
  8. Probably continue selling bits to US companies and carry on making theme parks of Royal Naval Dockyards and establishments......just my view
  9. Don't panic! Don't panic! Don't panic! :roll:
  10. Now now tommo. No need to descend all us newbies into panic ;)
  11. :roll: Two new Carriers, Cats and Wires :roll: and a shed full of fixed wing fighters, rotary wing and Awacs, TA Cammy and Cleggy :lol: :lol:
  12. It must be true I heard it in the Naafi queue.
  13. Nutty fiend :D
  14. No nutty this time. Porn Mag purchase :lol:
  15. Steady Boys Steady, the majority of you got what you wanted and I am sure that the good Dr Fox will take care of you, after all it is the Senior Service.
  16. And as it's senior is ripe for putting out to pasture. :wink:

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