Whats going to happen everyone who worked fixed wing

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by danny, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering what is going to happen to all the pilots etc that were working on fixed wing. Are they going to fly RAF jets for the next 10 years? Or are they going to get sacked and in 10 years time we have to learn everything all over again. The same goes for air techs etc.
  2. Pilots don't "work on" They 'sit in' and they are all clever enough folk to change there allegiances to Crab Air or the civil sector and again 'Sit In' and punch coordinates into nav systems and select the MLS to automatically land there bigger silver flying machines and be paid big bucks to do less work!!!!! The even cleverer ones will just retire and tell tales of daring do about the angle of the dangle and nothing on the clock but the makers name!!!!!

    Life goes on. :lol:
  3. Fcuk em, there are only about three of them anyway.
  4. "Sitting in" actually takes up very little of the modern Aircrew's time. Much more time is spent on the plethora of admin and other bureaucratic dross. Unless you're a CO or Flt Cdr with a lackey. Serves them right: "Want the interesting job? Ok, here's the boring one to go with it!" :lol:

    The rest of the lads and lasses will be absorbed into the rest of the FAA and to a degree, this is already happening. Although in the short term there appears to be a requirement to overhaul the Harrier fleet with a view to selling them on, carried out by the existing JFH manpower.

    The possibility of loans to other Navies with "Cats and Traps" has been mention too, although I'd expect to see relatively small numbers of these.

    My own opinions and "Word around the campfire" only though, no official announcements will be made until the future manning numbers have been finalised along with the rest of the fleet in the new year.
  5. Derring do and Nothing on the Clock etc is as nothing unless inverted.
  6. Uncertain future for Harrier pilots after jets axed
    What's the ratio of fixed wing ground staff to aircrew in the RN? Can they be redeployed to rotary wing pending the introduction of F-35s?
  7. 53?!?

    About 20 of those must be in hiding.
  8. Question is How many fixed wing aircraft do we have in the RN Historic Flight?
  9. Already looked up that splendid site, truth is once you loose the experience you just cant buy it back.

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