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Hi all, I have just come home from the psychometric test at my nearest armed forces office.
The test was fairly easy, and I was able to pass and gets score good enough for the role I wish to pursue.

I know that the next step for on joining the Royal Navy is the interview. My question is, how long will I have to wait to have the interview? Also how long after the interview will I have my medical?

Thankyou in advanced.
The interview should be within a couple of weeks, on average (check junk email).

Some AFCOs wait until you complete and return your medical questionnaire and optician report form and get cleared at the medical triage stage, depending on workflow and availability of interview slots.

In short, the quicker you get the medical stuff out the way, despite staff shortfalls due to leave/illness/injury/scarcity in your region, the quicker the interview as a general rule.

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