whats AET training like?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by ship_rat, May 9, 2007.

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  1. hi all
    hope you can help. I am happy with basic training and what i get to do, it sounds like fun and i am looking forward to doing it, i just wondered what trade training is like?
    eg accomodation ,scoff, social, what can you do a weekends or not as the case maybe, the training, what do you get to do? do you get to chosse what aircraft you get to work on? do you get to chosse fixed wing or rotary?
    sorry for the loads of questions, any info would be great.
    thanx ship_rat

    to the mod's- sorry if this is the wrong forum please feel free to move it!
  2. in answer to some of your questions.
    yes you do get to choose but you will end up where they send you, some you win some you loose.
  3. Ahoy Ship_rat, Sultans much more relaxed than Raliegh is, you have the weekends to yourself, unless you go to Talybont for AT, The scrans not the worst and the NAFFI/bar isn't to bad either only bit of advice I would give is make sure you get stuck in to the coursework before letting your hair down. A few lads in my class started day 1, week 1, at the bar. They aren't in the RN anymore!
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  5. Don't forget SgtP these are youngsters looking for answers. They are a product of modern society and therefore expect that they be led by the hand. :)
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hehe... they found this website didn't they?! So they can read too I presume... :lol:
  7. and what a fantastic way to treat a potential recruit. Ship rat this is one of the reasons why the fish heads and FAA never see eye to eye. We know how to speak to and respect others. If questions were not continually posted on here then there would not be the need to hold a forum, also the training for an AET is changing almost monthly, so instead of going off on your usual none welcomed comments then why not for once be constructive
  8. Things must have changed for the worse since my day. Though Woo's and fish heads took the piss out of each other (at every available opportunity) each had a lot of respect for the other. Piss taking is the Navy way of letting people know that they have been accepted (well it used to be).
  9. I'm glad to see the old pi** taking traditions still stand.
    I asked about AET training at HMS Sultan because, I want to know more.
    I have read the leaftets that the AFCO gave me and when I have had time at work I have been searching RumRation threads and Google! I just can't seem to find anything extra! I have been saving my questions for when I go on the RNAC, and hopefully I will get some answers then.

    as for when I go to phase 2 training, it will be 1)homework 2)uniform
    bar being last... I may be a spoilsport but i'm 25 and have learnt the hard way when it comes to homework!
    ps thanx for all the reply's
  10. things have changed a great deal since your day, piss taking is still part of the naval life but as this question was from a recruit some may not understand that side of it yet. as for a lot of respect for each other what a load of bull. we put up with each other after all we need fishheads to get us from a to b for our holidays. i really do not understand why you conastantly feel the need to try and provoke EVERY thread on here. like your mummy used to tell you "if you have nothing nice to say then do say it at all"
  11. please don't get me wrong! I have spent my last 7yrs as TA solider! I agree with what you say. it is true that we need each other to get from A to B to get the job done! and for me at the end of the day thats what I want to do. that is what drives me and always has done. sorry I did not mean any offence.
  12. If you feel that I was been provocative then I apologise. I know that I have been out for rather a long time, however if as you say you tolerate each other then things really have changed and not for the better. Have you thought that it may be your attitude that is not right, if you don't respect the guys who ensure that your aircraft is transported from place to place then you are not likely to get respect from them. My last ship was Manchester and though pisstaking was rife, we were all mates and all of one company. I think you need to re read my post as I cannot see where I have been provocative.
  13. you have not caused me offence in any way or form, i was dissapointed by the coments made by someone on this thread, but yet again the wrong person sees it as a chance to start another argument. you have nothing to apologise at all, good luck in what ever path your choose, i guess i will be long out of it if you do decide to enlist
  14. yes you have been out of the RN too long to comment, if you look at some of the roles of our ships then that is theoir primary role to get you litoral assets from one position to another. come on think about it it is not hard. one to think of is the ocean but there are several others. as for my respect to others, firstly they have to earn it, i respect the uniform they wear, and the rank they hold but as people they have to earn my respect just like i expect that i also earn respect from them. i do not need to re-read posts, your main purpose on here is to provoke. unlike you i have been on both sides of the fish head FAA line, and i can assure you in some cases it was not pisstaking, a great deal of it was and is jealousy. if you re-read my posts my comment was not aimed at you but yet again you jump in with both feet. i really strugle to understand how someone like you could have made a long and happy Naval life behind them with the attitude you show on here.
  15. Perhaps I had a happy naval life because I was respected by my shipmates and respected them. Whether they were wafu's or not never came into the equation. After leaving the RN I worked as a field for BAe both on boats (SINS) and surface ships (Phalanx and GSA8) In all cases the those I worked with knew that I was an ex woo and yes there was a bit of piss taking especially on boats but I had a great time, especially on sea trials. I have read many of your postings and you seem to have an extremely large chip on your shoulder, especially when it comes to officers.
    Would you care to initiate a post as to whether woos and fish heads really only tolerate one another?
  16. i have two chips about officers thay way i am evenly balanced. god you are so full of your own self importance i do not start threads unless they are useful, not just to provoke a responce. as for officers too right the majority of them is c**ts so whats your point. i have said that for years and i will continue to say it no matter who asks. oh i can just see it now. hello guys i have come onboard to carry out trials on a weapons system and and by the way i used to be in the RN i was a "WOO" how does that earn you respect. most matlots would tolerate you till they were away from you and problably give you a good old character assination. i do not have the time, the need or the intrest to look back at an individuals posts. i do not haunt this site continuosly to prove a response. TBH i really dont give a toot what you think of me. instead of posting on here all day every day then maybe you should get out more with your pals whom you have earnt so much respect off for telling everyone you was a woo
  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Uh! pot calling kettle, have you read the posts, go on lower yourself.... There is nothing offensive in it, you were just spoiling for a fight. What the F*ck does a junglie know about fish heads anyway? you probably haven't spent more than a month at sea and that on the Ocean no doubt.

    "I spend half my life sorting out officers cock ups" give me a bloody break! Self importance, someone appears to be making a living out of it!
  18. Now chief tiff
    Lets have the truth from someone who is literate and intelligent enough not to dislike someone just because he is either an officer or does not have the good fortune to be a woo.
    Personally I don't believe that the RN has changed into a woo against fish head organisation and just because a man has some rank on his sleeve he is totally useless.

    For the benefit of both new joiners and old farts like myself could you please tell it as it really is?
  19. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    OK Slim, I am in my 25th year, 15 as an AEM then a recat to tiff when I was a PO. I've worked mostly Fixed Wing with a jaunt into the Sea King world, most of my sea time has been on carriers although I've done a couple of RFA's (Argus and Fort boats) and HMS Ocean.

    The longest I've been embarked in one period is 8 months. The problem with carriers is when you embark it puts the ships company out, a bigger dinner queue, flying stations, full mess etc etc when you disembark you upset them again because all your spaces suddenly become theirs again. Now as a JR, perched on 2 deck, no real integration with our gilled brethren apart from the badgers on deck, some animosity! As a SR it's a whole different ball game, lots of banter, sharing a mess and a bar, job swap etc etc I have plenty of fish head mates from my time in the PO's and CPO's mess. I can imagine on a small ships flight this would be the same right from the start.

    As for Officers, well I have spent a fair amount of time preventing them cocking up, that's my job! They, like the rest of us have to learn when they are young and junior Lt's, if they learn well, will turn out to be good officers, if they are left to make embarressing cock ups by self important SR's they will probably turn out to be bitter and lacking the necessary skills to be either good leaders or Officers. That said officers are no different to anyone else, you get good and bad characters.
  20. Many thanks for the Info Chief tiff.
    In actual fact things haven't changed much since my time. My time as a JR was on eagle far flung and as you say very little integration between woo and fish head. Next time I was a PO on Ark Royal fully integrated messes, lots of banter and lots of mates of all trades. This was followed by Manchester flight, everyone from junior rate to aircrew were fully integrated into the ships company. Manchester was the best ship I ever served in and I'm looking forward to the reunion in June.

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