what's AED life like onboard?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by gkar5, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. hi all

    just got first front line draft Yeppie.... just wondered what AED life is like?
    can yuo give us a heads up?

  2. I was on HMS Ocean today and the AET showing us around said it's his worst draft so far and he wishes he never volunteered for it. I'm still only week 3 though :lol:
  3. Worst draft so far? It'll be his first ever front line draft, so it probably is worse than sitting on your arse at 702/815/824/848.

    I bet it has come as a shock to the lad, to have some actual work to do, that can't be boned off to a phase 2b trainee.

    As I say to my lads: "Welcome to the front-line!" :lol:
  4. worst fecking draft - what a complete nob.

    not only is he part of gods chosen clan - the FAA.

    he gets to swan around the ship all day long annoying the GS with tales of bravery out on deck.
  5. dont worry gkar5 - as long as you are prepared to muck in with the rest of AED, put up with your share of shite then you will have a great time.

    remember that it is a front liner on a ship and maybe trying to intergrate a little and only a little bit with the ship can be a good thing.

    for gods sake though dont get too comnfy with the damn stokers as they will invite you for tours of the "engine room" after hours. and dont talk to OM's (talk down to them of course) as they will just bore you
  6. hi
    thanx, strangley enough it's HMS Ocean... I have had mix reviews with the lads at work, some say its not so good onboard and some say its ok...

    my parents are pleased, and to some extent envious that I will hopefully get to see things that they will never see... I think thats a good thing (although, I think they have seen and used a mop and bucket..lol).

    I'm excited on one side but slighty nervous on the other... I have only ever been at an Air station.. and it will been my first time onboard.

    thanx for the advice,

  7. I'll be embarking OCEAN myself later in the year and the programme looks ok. Get hold of a copy of it if you can, and some shorts and sunglasses 8)
  8. Agree with that have a oppo who is a stoker on-board and its defo a rucksack full of flip flops and ray bans just wish I was embarking on it.
  9. 8) Yep AED is the best draft in the World, done two myself on the Massive. you are a Wafu foremost, but ships company, and know all the dodges, and good people. Duty Chef ,Scribes, Naafi manager,Jack Dusty, Beer Bosun, etc etc :wink: :wink: :wink: ENJOY :lol: :lol:
  10. thanx all

    here is the next question:- what do I pack?
    apart from the bog standard kit list, eg dobby wash kit, tootbrush, mug, ... is there anything else that would be a good idea to have onboard?

  11. Blue movies, Playboy,Sunlounger, Ray-Bans, Bronze Bronze Cream. :wink: :wink:
  12. Sense of humour if your going to Ocean...
  13. *Newbie alert, Newbie alert*

    Whats an AED ? :oops:
  14. Don't feel too bad triggs, I'm fucked if I know either :oops:
  15. Thank fook its not just me :D
  16. God's way of telling you that you're too stupid to use Google.
  17. Don't get too comfortable with it though, I'm known for knowing fuck all :oops:
  18. I'm too tired :roll: :wink:
  19. Air Engineering Department :D

    Im not too stupid to use google JJ. Rather that im too lazy to tonight ;)
  20. Good lad :D I'm too tired to pretend to be pleasant :wink:

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