Whats a OM(W) 1 ?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by themonkeyg0d, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what an OM(W)1 is?
  2. Operator Mechanic (Warfare) 1st Class. Why? (or have I just bitten massively?!)
  3. No matey, no bite. I`ve seen an Iraq medal in an auction with this rank, just wondered what it was. What do they do?
  4. They ceased to exist when PCP took effect, they are the predecessor of the AB(WS).
  5. The clue to what they did (or rather, were supposed to do) is in the full name which ATG gave. They were like the bastard child of an illicit relationship between the Ops branches, (who manned the various equipments such as sonar, radar, radio) and the WE Mechanics, (no idea what they do). This chimera of a branch tried to take dabbers and make them do fault-finding and defect rectification on the equipment they operated, some loved it, most hated it, and it appeared doomed to failure from the start. Expect the idea to be resurrected in about fifteen to twenty years.
  6. How much did the medal sell for?
  7. I was an OM(AW)1 then an OM(W)1 now an AB(WS)1. I didn't mind being an OM, experiencing the WS now I prefered the course structure i.e having a 1's course etc compared to not having one however the branch was doomed from the start. Rumours are the WS branch will be divided once more back to having source branches again obviously with new titles so not to look a failure which would bring us back in a full circle. No doubtas JC said will go back to OM's in some form in the future when we become short manned when the recruitment freeze catches up in the fleet and everyone leaves when the economy picks up.
  8. It would make sense to split the warfare branches again eg: AB(Sea) split into Seaman Specs and Seaman Tactical (Old RO(T)'s) and AB(WS) split into RP, AAW etc... It must be better for us to have the lads trained straight from the start into a set job instead of waiting until they get to Killick/PO level and then making people do a job that they do not want to do.
  9. I too was a OM (W), I did enjoy some aspects of the job but hated watch keeping and not realy having a job as we used to have 3 jobs, so when PCP came in I choose WE. Much to the piss taking from the fags in 2K mess, Rocky who keeps watches now [email protected]@ker?
  10. The auction isn`t due to start till later in the month. The first bid price if thats the right word, is £195 for the medal and the original box.
  11. When I recatted from AB (EW) to WE I was asked my views on the then future OM branch. I gave them similar views to yourself i.e.. not having an exact job as the OMs will have too many hats to wear.

    I too got grief and verbal stabs in the back by other members of the then Operations branch for re-catting. Jealous? One middle watch every 4 days to one middle watch every 16 days and quallies for civvy street. 'nuff said :)
  12. I liked being an OM, but then again I spent most of my time on WE part of ship which meant I made tea for the 4.5 chief and slept in the gun bay all day for hours on end.
  13. I was Sea Dart section, I spent my sleepy time in the sea dart escape route :lol:
  14. Not me, no watch keeping shoreside!!
  15. Actually, as ever with the Pusser, a good idea was ruined in the implementation. If the lads had stayed on the same bit of kit for a good period (i.e. 2 years+), then teaching them first line maintenance was a good idea. It would allow the CPO(WEA) to get to know the lads, and their capabilities, and at the same time the CPO(AWW)/CPO(AWT) could keep their Warfare skills up.

    Instead, we gave the CPO(AWW) 5 new OM's every month, issued them a taskbook which meant they had to job change every 3 months, and threw in whole ship duties (like dining hall party) which you could only d*ck someone for so long.

    Good idea, rubbish implementation....
  16. ATG has it spot on! I loved being an OM(UW) but couldnt believe I went from the sonar section on a T22 which was beneficial to my development(use the kit and fix the same kit!) to the CLOSE RANGE section and spent my time stripping down 30MM guns etc for 6 months! Overall it was great to be part of a laid back WE section that wasnt micro managed and work was done when it needed to be not just for the sake of keeping you there until 1600 like dabber part of ship!

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