What's a detailed security clearance exactly?


Hi boys, Can you help a young Crazy Canuck who wants to try to be one of the best warrior in the world, on the RN site they wrote this and I don't really
* You will be subject to a detailed security clearance procedure prior to joining.

What's that means,

Thanks Bootneck !!!!


Yeah i'm from quebec and I know my english is really bad. I had english tutoring last summer and I hope it helps a little. I understand what security clearance means, I wanna know what they check

That's all Folks :D

PS: Unfortunately the english class aren't my favorite in high school
today I regret it.


At the moment, they will want to make sure you have a valid british passport and a valid postal address in the UK.

If you have 2 passports/ dual nat, you will not be able to work in 'sensitive areas' ie RO.

If you dont have a stable british address, you will be asked to leave or buy one.

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I thought if you had a dual passport you would be restricted form certain trades aka sneaky beaky.

But the address thing, that is wrong. The RN back in 2003 achieved a big recruitment drive through out the common wealth countries. You don't have to have a UK address at all. Or has that changed now?


i think you just do a ctc check (counter terrorist check) ..i dont think it goes into financial stuff only developed vetting involves that


i was DV once for a job in civil service/MOD ..quite a drama , interviews , friends and family and lots of questions relevant to my financial circumstances ..the irony of it all is that for the first time in my life i knew what my outgoings where..most of it on wets !!!!!