Whatever next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. The British Medical Association called for the extension of the current ban on smoking in public places to include a ban on smoking in your car!

    Doc, a person’s motor is not a public place and I for one do not give a fish's tit if parents choose to fill their car with tobacco smoke even if they do have the children on-board, we all know the risks.

    The police have failed miserably in preventing drivers using their mobiles without a hands free kit, so if this became law just who do they think would enforce it?

    This madcap idea would be another step in eroding our rights as an individual, what’s next a ban on smoking in your own home?
  2. Poisoning one's offspring with fag smoke is in no way desirable.Having said that a law is pointless as finks has already pointed out it would be near on unenforcible.If smoking is considered more important than their children's health by folk that is the way it must stay as plod has certainly more important things to do with their time
  3. If I can be done for "driving without due care and attention" for stuffing my fat face, having a drink or using the phone whilst driving so can the smokers.
  4. tam


    As you say finknottle 'Whatever next', stopping the silver cigar box being passed round with the port and coffee at a SNCO's mess dinner? These nanny state meddlers should keep their bills out and get on with the job of disciplining bad medics.
  5. Think that's already covered:

    Safe driving and riding needs concentration.
    Avoid distractions when driving or riding such as

    • loud music (this may mask other sounds)
    • trying to read maps
    • inserting a cassette or CD or tuning a radio
    • arguing with your passengers or other road users
    • eating and drinking
    • smoking
    The BMA's stance appears to be one of 'health' (longish term due to inhalation of a load of crap) as opposed to 'safety' (distraction due to selfish concern about one's own minor indulgances which may cause an incident and possibly harm others) - very different issues I feel.

    I hasten to add that as a reformed smoker who is now a hand wafting, affected coughing bore, I do feel that this is a bonkers idea. Then again 'government' intervention in our lives isn't something I endorse much.

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