Whatever happened to keeping your dirty laundry private?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by digger84, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. Another way of looking at it- whatever happened to the code of social conduct/ values and standards? If the chain of command's response to this sort of thing is to post the offender from 45 to a training establishment, then I wouldn't blame the wronged party for bubbling WO2 Shagger to the press.

    If only we could stick to our promulgated standards- wouldn't that be something....
  2. Unfortunately (and correct me if I am wrong) I don't think you can be discharged for this unlike the Army?
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  3. undies.jpg From the PRNC thread. Prince Charles under crackers. Figure it out...;)
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  4. th
    The secretary of State for Defence does ( Through his numerous Press Officers) Running to the Press?
    All politicians do it mostly through the Lobby Correspondents.
  5. Looks like old married patch gossip now makes the gutter press

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