Whatever happened to keeping your dirty laundry private?

Another way of looking at it- whatever happened to the code of social conduct/ values and standards? If the chain of command's response to this sort of thing is to post the offender from 45 to a training establishment, then I wouldn't blame the wronged party for bubbling WO2 Shagger to the press.

If only we could stick to our promulgated standards- wouldn't that be something....


War Hero
Unfortunately (and correct me if I am wrong) I don't think you can be discharged for this unlike the Army?

Billy Q

Apparently we can: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/~/media/royal navy responsive/documents/reference library/br 3/br3book/ap01_an21d.pdf

That said and at the risk of being Norman-esque, there are plenty of people implicated in this sort of behaviour. Say what ever you like about Sarah West, but at least she walked when others in the same position have brazened it out with apparently no effect on their future careers....
The secretary of State for Defence does ( Through his numerous Press Officers) Running to the Press?
All politicians do it mostly through the Lobby Correspondents.
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