Whatever happened 2 Saturday Nite


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Kittykat said:
Iv just looked at AARSE, not terribly impressed, but they do talk.Re RR. Ok the young ones will b out.And the old(Im not being offensive,just jealous)will b up and active in the morning,But surely 2 God there must b some middle aged people like me that don't have a life. I think the older guys r having more fun, unfortunately I am at work during the day.and now its Saturday nite.So whatever happened? (Its a Eaglles song)
Kitty there is no such thing as middle age, it is a myth like mid-life crisis and male menopause.
A strange thing happens when you are nearing your use by date, you think and feel just like you did in your thirties, but when you try to do what you did then it doesn't happen.
We mature like cheese and a good wine, eventually we realise that we are smelling like a mature cheese and a vinegared wine, some of us turn into grumpy old men and women.
Take this weekend as an instance, Friday was another Birthday,Text message from eldest daughter."Happy birthday dad, catch you at the weekend". It is mid afternoon Sunday and like an old trout in a stream I am still waiting to be caught.Better than last year though, an invitation to go out to dinner was translated in an invitation to pay to go out to dinner.
Phone call from youngest daughter,"Happy birthday dad, have to go, running out of credit".
"Shall I add Happy fathers day to that?"
"Oh did I forget?"
So I bought a good red and a bottle of port and celebrated in style.
Grumpy old man? Not I. :D


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Well wvishing u the bestest evevr birthday evevr with a big chevry pie topped off wiv cookies and cream, minus the sardines, wiv an extra kg of sugar on top and wiv a fishy surprise in the middle just for you old man, all from me with a big bear hug for ya birfday. :eek:ccasion6:
you don't have to thank me, just enjoy :)


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Whatever happened to Sunday night? There used to be a time when you could wait outside the local catholic church and mug the preists and choir boys when they left and were pissed. These days are sadly no more. I thought things would be more lively when i found out the pope was in the Hitler Jugend. Bloody lightweights.

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