Whatcha want for Chrimbo???????????????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. Well only 38 days before the big man drops down the smoke stack ... treads soot all over the carpet (must have been a stoker in a previous life) ... troughs your mince pies and drinks your whisky! It can only be a matter of time before Mrs MG utters the words ... "whatcha want for chrimbo????". Bit pointless really as what I want and what I am likely to get are two different things so ....... Whats on your wish list for Chrimbo ... but what you likely to get?
  2. I want an Xbox 1 but am more likely to get the job of cleaning up cat fur balls on Xmas morning after getting new socks or the like
    Anyone any ideas what to get a three year old girl? My little one has tons of toys and more fluffy toys than you can shake a stick at, so no more of them!
  3. Saving up for a new laptop. I have one but its glued to the hands of at least one of the women in Harrier towers permanently

    My 2 year old is having a toy Kitchen and a bike.

    My 12 year old is having a new TV.

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  4. Peace on earth or at least in our household. Can do without the Grand kids arguing or trying to kill each other, the Daughter screaming at them and Mrs TS. bursting into tears as its "all gone wrong"

    Keeping the Daughter off the fizzy pops until dinner or after would avoid most of the hasle. I will be mellow in the corner out of the way, its safer.
  5. This:

    denise richards31a.jpg

    But, as always, I am ready to be disappointed.
  6. Got two in the garage

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  7. Awwww. Gies wan. Goan.
  8. Still Got a bit of maskers marks after blackrat finished with them, however a bit of a Dhoby and they'll be right as rain

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  9. Woo hoo!

    Address is:

    Mr Claws,
    North Pole
    W1 0ND
  10. The answer is obvious Drew. Get the little tot an Xbox . She may need a little coaching to use it but nothing a good dad wouldn't be pleased to help with.
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  11. A pass on my medical appeal
  12. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416251995.068655.jpg

    Santa Claws? Or Claus?

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  13. Oops. Outed.

    But send her anyway . . . ;)
  14. Just to keep you sane in the thought that it can only get better ... I've got much the same problem ... Mrs MG plus Mother & Mother in Law all in the house at the same time ... M-in-L and Mrs MG arguing like cat & dog ... only getting Mrs MG on the fizzy stuff at breakfast might be the answer and dull the pain of the incontinent old fart ... at least she gets carted off home about 6 pm before the lights go out and the carers arrive ... my Mother on the other hand doesn't know when to go home and will ensconce herself in my chair and wont go until the dot disappears in the middle of the TV screen! I've been busy brewing and got some home brew which will just about be ready for Christmas ... I call it "Gas Passer" ... on account that it makes you fart and it works just like an anesthetist ... you pass out! Enjoy!
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  15. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've bought the ExJSprogs the noisiest toys, things that will need fixing constantly and lots of sweets to send them hyper. Meanwhile, I'll be away.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
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  16. A large tin of Quality Street and Myleene Klass and half a kilo of mint flavoured body butter.
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  17. Did that to my mate one year ... bought his nipper a drum kit for Chrimbo ... funny he never spoke to me after that!
  18. The unwanted house guests we currently have leave before the invited ones arrive?
    Then watch my Grandkids enjoy Christmas, if I get a prezzy bonus
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  20. xmas turkey.jpg
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