What you didn't understand, but never said.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Right when I joined up I kept hearing all this jolly jack nautical nonsense and only understood initially very little.
    Trouble is I did not like to let on, and made my own ideas as to what I thought it meant.
    So in 65 finished training and flew out to Terror barracks where I acquired a sea daddy. Get your rig on he says were off on a rabbit run. Now he was always preaching the virtues of morality so a rabbit run? After all rabbits are famous for breeding, so we must be going.......bagging off.
    Fcukin disappointment or what???? :oops: :oops: :oops: 8O :D
  2. Out of the mouths of babes! :D
  3. Postcard run was the one for me,never did buy a postcard but met some very lovely ladies.
    Some were quite cheap as well :lol:
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What you lot are talking about ^

    There. I've said it.
  5. A rabbit run ashore is when you go to buy pressies, which are called rabbits in naval slang.
    Photy runs are to get as many pics as possible to send home whilst remaining sober, to remain attached to your camera. Back on board quick ditch camera and then back for the real purpose of a foreign,......drink. :twisted: 8O :D
  6. The Morse code!
  7. :roll: H.M.S. Neptune ( The reserve fleet one in Chatham , not Faslane.) A national service writer with a civvie legal background actually slapped in to be ;-The Lower Deck Lawyer. :roll: :lol:
  8. When on 360 Squadron we sent a young crab lad to sickbay to have his breathing checked out, all to make sure when wearing a cuumerbund he could still breath (as they were tight) and could go to the all ranks top table.

    After finding out it was a wind up said "I knew it".
  9. I was sent to the T/S aboard my first ship to fetch the "Gun Report".
    I stood there for half an hour and the POGI opened the door and shouted bang. I still had to have it explained to me. Yes I know thick cnut. 8O :twisted: :wink:
  10. I was comms number on the GDP and the bridge called and gave us a bearing to monitor.
    I replied aye aye sir, and all the old hands fell about laughing telling me that Nelson was dead. B*stards. :oops: :twisted: :D
  11. I remember being told in the RNXS about an injustice meted out on one of our higher ups and being told it was a green rub. I assumed it was some sort of Irish massage.... :wink: :lol:

    I had no idea why this had been inflicted on him nor why the real culprit wasn't rubbed with green stuff (ie snot) too. :oops: :oops: :oops:
  12. One of the sprogs on the Raving J minced into the mess at standeasy on a Friday in Pompey and asked aloud if he could borrow somebody's grippo to go weekenders 'cos the handle had broken on his :D :D :D :D

    Queue re-run of smash advert
  13. The rule in Tulk v Moxhay!

    Yes, I know I am a conveyancer, but I have never understood the finer points of this judgement.
  14. I'm doing this new job as a promotions marketer type thing, and I'm working independently. The thing is, all of the briefing materials I get sent are riddled with abbreviations, and I am not so good with those. So I have taken to making up what I think they mean, and just going with it!

    Has worked so far!
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bullshit baffles brains. How true that can be.
  16. When I was a young AEM my PO told me to go to stores and pick up a "vortex generator". I thought it was a bite, you know like the bunk-light bill or the "long weight".

    "Yeah right, fcuking vortex generator eh? You're not getting me on that one! Fcuk off!" sez me. I had visions of some contraption from Back to the Future.

    Imagine my disappointment when I found out a vortex generator is a small piece of metal, bent at right-angles and glued to the mainplane of a Harrier, one of several used to maintain a laminar airflow over the anhedral wing. :oops:

    Imagine my further disappointment when I found myself cleaning the sh1tters for being a "gobby little cnut"
  17. Would that be the same "long weight used to test the rigging on bathythermographs? Sorry to dissapoint but it does exist
  18. Did they lower it with a sky hook? 8O :roll: :wink:
  19. No such luxury, the weight was attatched to the bathy winch. Starboard side aft on Leander Class. It was no more than a long bit of lead. Believe that the XBT Expendable bathy was introduced into the service early 70's, which put an end to the bethythermographs. Naval Gazer will probably correct me on the dates etc and what is now used.
  20. Do you take this woman?.......... :x

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