What would you like for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. A puncture outfit for my Girlfriend.
  2. Stop biting her on the neck then!! :lol:

  3. Higgy - are you that strange guy who was on the TV documentary the other week with his inflatable g/f? 8O
  4. a huge bank balance so i dont have ever to work again and a small place in the yorkshire Dales!
  5. I would like peace for the whole world.

    No sod it f*ck the world give me a brewery (as long as it aint Brickwoods)
  6. 1. George Clooney (especially now that his pig has died)
    2. New shoes as I have not had any for weeks
    3. Liposuction
    4. To ask CMR where the f*ck my pay has been for the last 2 months without being trooped
    5. A new iPod
    6. A digital camera and printer dock
    7. A leaf eating goat
  7. Not much then? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. An Equality Act granting everyone the same rights and abolishing all priviledges. Abolition of additional penalties for hate crimes at targetted groups - hate crime against any group should be punished with the same severity. A decent minimum income for everyone so nobody, say who is either severely disabled or in full-time employment needs to claim benefits to makes ends meet! What a scandal for the World's third wealthiest country. Pensions to be awarded on a just basis to all.

    And personally... to have the means to buy up and reopen Islay's Port Ellen distillery, closed since 1983. :D
  9. Oh god, now always makes me look like a gold digger!
  10. a new girls best friend lol
  11. Well of course you are your female!! Nutty_bag bows head in shame at his rather bitter remark towards women!! :oops:
  12. True tho..........ouch!! :lol:
  13. Rosie, why a leaf eating goat? 8O

  14. ... and for Christmas I'd like three weeks off my sentence here so I can spend Christmas at home.

  15. She wouldnt go into that tonight in the chatroom! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. So you asked then? Did she give anything away at all?

  17. 1. because it is leaf central in our garden
    2. because the PO Stoker was tasked to rake them and bag them
    3. because the PO Stoker merely raked them and threw them over the fence
    4. because all the leaves are back in the garden again
  18. Thats cos he is of the "Oi!Get orf moi Track!" school of thought lol
  19. Two things
    For Pusser to pay for all the Commonwealth ratings to go home once a year.
    Investors in People my arse.
    And for the UK govenment to stop wasting money on MOD contracts
    UK built Apache 40 million
    US built Apache 9 million
    Which effing one did we plump for, however lots of ex RN officers in well paid jobs in Somerset.
  20. No Andy he is of the 'Lazy Fat Knacker' school of thought.

    Do you know of any leaf eating goats I might borrow?

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