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Should I keep all the delicious wine?

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Opinions needed please. A big box of wine has been delivered to my house by mistake and was left in me back garden by the couriers. I immediately phoned me sister to see what her thoughts on the matter were. As it happens her answer is bollocks and she said I should deliver it to its rightful owner so what does everyone else think?
I had a similar problem, except that it wasn’t wine, but a large bouquet of flowers FFS. :(
Anyway, I tried the neighbours and it wasn’t for them. It had been delivered by couriers, but had the name of the florists on the packaging but no phone number, so I checked the Internet and discovered that they were a bit dodgy and had a reputation for this kind of thing. So, we kept them. Flowers, FFS! Did I mention they were flowers and not wine? :( :( :(

My advice would be to wait and see for say, a week or so, then dig out.
Well that's the last time I do owt good for anyone, I took it round and got an earful about how it's taken ages to get delievered. Not even a thankyou. Cheeky fat cow

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