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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Picture this Sept 1990 YORK in the Gulf (by itself) Sadam had just invaded Kuwait in August (we were alongside in Dubai fcuked that run ashore up) We are on patrol in what is now the NAG in defence watches, hiding among the oil platforms gathering intelligence I'm off watch in my scratcher Port side cabinf fwd when I hear the seadart magazine hydraulics flash up below me so I hop off me pit in me ovvies go into the Ops Room to find out what the fcuk is going on 2 contacts on 992 at 15 miles 550 mph skipper shouts at my opposite number the the Missile Director "Load the Launcher" and the fcuking missiles jam in the hoist. Visual can't vis ID cos they are so low skipper actually called the MD a useless cnut (bit of stress there then) 3 miles away Phalanx in AAW Auto they turn out to be 2 US F15s out of Bahrain no IFF they don't know how fcuking lucky they were that day Jester would have been dead as a doddo. Me I shit myself my daughter was 3 months old back home and I had only seen her for 3 days. They don't pay us enough money sometimes do they.
  2. Ah well better luck next time :)
  3. Could have been worse, mate. It could have been wolf. A fire and a miss would have been bad news all round.
  4. WTF does that mean?? Wolf whites of the eyes stuff on a 42 don't fcuk with the Port watch - unless the launcher won't load!! Gash dit sorry guys
  5. It was a good dit.

    Wolf is for homos due to it being on gay ships, and I've never seen it hit anything.

    Dart is for winners because it is on men's ships, the mighty 42.
  6. MLP Thanks mate, was Gun Controller 4.5 Mk 8 in 82 that was scary look after my little girl (90 dit) when she joins NSW next year. Good dits mate LOL
  7. I go on draft after xmas mate but I'll make sure my chick oppo looks after her. She'll be fine as long as she stays away from the honking crabfats. :salute:
  8. She's been well briefed - unless its a rich pilot
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Once she's married him, kill the fucker. Better to serve life than have a crab in the family.
  10. BR Agh we have similar thoughts god forbid she marries a troll from the ranks

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