What would I be doing????


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Just talking to my mate and he said "Just think what you'll be doing on a Saturday afternoon at Raleigh!!"

So what kind of things would a recruit be doing on Saturday afternoon in say weeks 1-3?
In weeks 1-3 you will be working on your kit ready for the next week, although in the programme it says that it is free recreation which means you can go to the gym or for a run around the camp. It will depend on how well you think your kit maintenance is coming along In week 4 you will be working on your kit ready for another kit inspection. Week 5 will be spent on Dartmoor. Week 6 will be on HMS Brecon. Week 7 at the China Fleet Club for some down time and in Week 8 you will be allowed a few hours shopping in Plymouth if you wish. So your weekends are pretty much as busy as the weekdays. Enjoy
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