What would be the dealio?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dancoates, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. I have passed all my recruitment process to join the RN as WE.

    But my dad has just came back from working in Australia and he has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to move there with family and all paid for.

    Some of his workmates said that it is possible for RN to join the Australian RN. How much truth is there in this and if there is what are the complications

    Thanks as always for advice

    It's never a failure. It's always a lesson
  2. 'dealio'?.................
  3. Type(io). Stupid keyboard and fat fingers.

    It's never a failure. It's always a lesson
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Australian and NZ navies recruit quite heavily from the RN, but, as with all things these days, they can afford to be choosey. They usually target specific branches that they have shortages in (no surprise that engineering is one at the moment) and normally you have to drop a rate.
  5. I know of someone who joined the australian Navy but this was following a lengthy service in the RN prior to this; no idea of the ins and outs and especially when it comes to joining straight off the bat. Have you had a gander at the official website to see if there are a run down of the residency requirements for entry?
  6. That would be something i would have to look into aswel. I have emailed my afco telling him I am going for a holiday at the moment because thats all it is until something permanent is in place.

    Also sorry for not replying to your email rach since my dad came home I havent been near a computer! (Except for work related issues lol)

    It's never a failure. It's always a lesson
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The thing to bear in mind is if you join the RN, you must complete all training & a minimum 30 months return of service before you can submit notice to leave and/or transfer.

    If you haven't joined the RN then you'll need to check eligibility to join the RAN. Bear in mind nowadays Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians & the rest of the Commonwealth need 5 years UK residency in order to join UK Armed Forces.

    You'll need to check with "Oz Hoose" with regard residency requirements to join the Australian Armed Forces.
  8. Cant go much lower than a Pt 1 Nozzer.
  9. There is a program for recruiting those who have recently left the RN (less than 3 years) and those who are serving. As previously stated, the RAN looks for specific specialisations and experience i.e. they are not going to take someone who has just passed out of Raleigh or Dartmouth. Those who take the interest of the RAN and fulfil their criteria will then be sponsored by the RAN for Permanent Residency (PR) but the applicant will have to actually carry out the visa application process themselves. The RAN will NOT do this for you, they just act as a sponsor. Having gained your PR, you will then be expected to become an Australian citizen as soon as possible (I think it's four years at the moment).

    In your case, given your lack of RN experience, it would be quicker for you to apply to the RAN from the outset. Assuming your father's job gives him Permanent Residency then that will apply to the whole family. After the four year PR period you can apply for Australian citizenship. Once you have your citizenship you can apply to the Australian Defence Forces; you can't as PR (unless sponsored as above).

    SO, your options are: join the RN, gain the experience and skills the RAN are looking for, get sponsorship for PR and obtain the visa (approx one year if they're moving fast.....somewhat lacking in Oz), join the RAN and then get your citizenship or go to Oz with the family on a PR visa, get citizenship after four years, apply as an Oz citizen.
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  10. Very busy at the moment I will reply soon as i appreciate everyones in depth replies. Speak to you guys soon.

    It's never a failure. It's always a lesson

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