What wings do you have???

Now that I am back working with pusser (all be they the DPM type) I am re-learning the lingo.A few things and terms have changed in my time away,however earning your wings is still an old classic. It appears that a few more wing qualifications have been brought into service such as -

a) Orange wings- Disabled bag off
b) Tri-Service -say no more
c) Red wings- Nailing during the ''on week''
d) Triple crown - English,Irish Scottish and Welsh (delete as you see fit)

Ok just a few to start the ball rolling ,any of you guys got any other ''wings''????
If I had the wings of an angel,
and the arse of a dirty black crow,
I'd fly to the top of the mainmast,
and crap on the Jossman below................

Sorry, couldn't resist it..... :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
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