What will I need to do for my PRNC Circuit training?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Coronalad, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. The title says it all, i've got it in just over a weeks time
  2. Pass it, simples :)
  3. Circuits ?
  4. It says on the itinerary for the four days that there will be time for circuit training
  5. I haven't been to PRNC yet but probably regular kinda circuit based things? Have you been to a circuit class at all?
  6. Circuit training.... training in circuits, push ups, press ups, burpees etc. It doesn't matter really though, it's not like it's pass or fail now is it.

    Anyway what's wrong with a bit of mystery? all I know about PRNC is there is a 2.4k run and a swim everything else is going to be a mystery!
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  7. Ah good, I thought as much, Im glad to hear that the circuits arent a pass/fail thing though
  8. I have done, but was just concerned to know whether this part of the PRNC was pass/fail
  9. Ah cool, all the best at prnc :D what trade are you going in as?
  10. Going in as a mine clearance diver :)
  11. It's Navy Phys. Therefore a bit harder than that time your PE teacher got really annoyed and made you do some laps.
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  12. Are you not allready doing circuit training in preparation for your PRNC ?
    It's probably the most effective workout prep other than jogging.
  13. Oh it's easy. Just tell him that today you don't feel like doing any circuits, and ask if he would mind grabbing you a chair and a cuppa tea. Once you master that, you will ace circuits.
  14. I've been doing bits and pieces, admittedly not enough, my PRNC has been sprung upon me with a weeks notice. I think I should be fine with this, however my diving PDA is a week after that which is what im really shitting it for, particularly the chin ups and push ups
  15. Mate if you're worrying about aspects of phys at PRNC then it doesn't look good for your PDA! I'm not trying to be a ****, I too have had everything brought forward (we might even be on the same PDA). But from the info I have got from people who have done PDA/passed dive course, PRNC is small fry compared to PDA phys wise.
  16. If circuits at the PRNC is of concern to you, you have no chance of being successful at the PEDA.
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  17. If its anything like ADSC then itll be push ups, sit ups, sprints all done with a PTI who can't beast you, which made me think that PTI's are lovely blokes. Then i got to basic :(

    My recruiter said that RN fitness is a pisstake compared to the Infantry which sounds like a treat haha. Do you have to tab at Raliegh?
  18. Im not worried about the PRNC as much, i was just wondering what the circuits would entail. The real challenge for me as you say is in the PEDA
  19. Yeah thats the message im getting too, like I say im not worried about the PRNC as i know i can pass the run and swimming, im just wondering what the circuits will entail. My biggest challenge is the PDA, good luck with yours!
  20. Then you should know what you need for a fitness circuit.
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