What will 1 Rifles bring to 3 Commando Brigade?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by al075, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. I know that 3 Commando Brigade will have a fourth manoeuvre unit, 1 RIFLES becoming that fourth manoeuvre unit - and this will give the Brigade a huge amount of operational agility, especially so due to the on going commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan...... But what else will they bring to the picture?
  2. A bit of a whiff?
  3. Interesting but done to death.







    To list but a few. Trying having a read and if you still have any questions I'll be glad to help.

  4. Poor personal hygeine?
  5. Esprit De Corps?
    Maturity and Intelligence?

    Nah, didn't think so either!
  6. My nephew?


    PS only slightly embarrassed that he decided to join the Army rather than the Senior Service!
  7. Rosie, he took the easy route mate :)
  8. forgot to mention. They bring the art of being able to wash and shave whilst dressed to brigade. I saw it last week.
  9. Seen baby matelots myself at Raleigh jump out of their pits and straight into rig.
  10. Which begs two questions;

    1. Why were they not dressed for action before retiring?

    2. What were you doing spying on young boys/girls in a training establishment, and can you send copies of the phots/vids?
  11. Thats what raleigh is for to beat these habbits out of them. Only the army dont have this view they just encorage it lol.
  12. Phthirus pubis :bball:

    If Royal is unfortunate enough to have to share barracks with them then a good tip would be to hide any money somewhere Perce would never think to look....... like under a bar of soap :thumright:

  13. Yee gods Rosie are the Army Recruiters raiding school playgrounds now?
    Looks like all those lads could do with a bit of a sesh in the multi gym, I've seen more meat on a Butchers pencil.
    Glad to see 3 Cdo Bde is getting the cream of the crop. :dwarf:
  14. Just finished PDT for Herrick 9 with both Royal and Rifle and to be honest it went very well.No arrogance from Royal and the Rifle's more than held there own.So Royal and Rifle working together in Ganners is going to be no drama at all. It seems the only people that are negative left the army/marines when putties were still on issue.
  15. My nephew was the eldest in his platoon thingy, he was 17 when he joined in March. God knows what age the smallie boys in skirts were!
  16. :dwarf:
  17. Another fine art gone forever. The correct way to wear putties.

    If there was no negative army/marines issue Deeps life would be so boring.

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