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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by NorwayChris, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. And are you pleased with your choice,

    Ok i will start this off,i have an E220Cdi Merc,its 0ne year old and it cost a ferkin fortune to buy it in Norway,we have to pay approx 65% of the car price in tax,so if you take your car price in the UK and then add 65% on top thats about what we have to pay in Viking land,

    I am very very pleased with the E class,its brill diesel consumption and a pleasure to drive long distances,when i drove to spain i had summer tyres,babys cot,babys pram,numerous baby toys and loads of crap for Mrs NC in the back of the Merc,( its an estate ) 8)
  2. Honda Civic 07 Leather Interior, Petrol get about 52 MPG commuting. Huge boot, Air Con better than the non power steering Clio Mrs JFH has now.

    Glad I didnt have to pay Noggie Tax on it!!!!!
  3. Yeh Noggie tax on cars is a bit of a pain but to be honest its the only tax that i complain about,we go over the border once a month ( when we are home in Norway ) shopping in Sweden or finland,works out much cheaper on household goods and food / drink
  4. Spent a lot of time up there during my 360 squadron days, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondiem, Andoya to name few.

    Even went to Stavanger for my Honeymoon (Should have gone to the Dom Republic, long story!!! thanks pusser)
  5. Apart from the £ 6,00 a pint i reckon you had a good time though, 8) , we live way way north from Andøye ,we live in Alta,wife and rugrats are flying home on wednesday and i am driving at the end of august,got to take my ferkin ICC for a sail boat before i can use the sail boat i am buying down here in the Med, 8)
  6. :wink: Would love to hear that one, not even the people in Stavanger would honeymoon there. Please tell us all so we can fathom out the intricies or the aviation world and how their mind works. Got to be worth hearing about.
  7. hear hear come on tell us Joint_Force_Harrier 8)

    Ps, Stavager is the rainy city,
  8. Was on the Sea Harrier trails unit and due to go to Puerto Rico (Carib next door to Dom Rep) and the bastards brought to det forward. Told my boss about my honeymoon and answer was, you are going so you best sort your honeymmoon out. Went home told Miss JFH to be!!! 50'000 ft later.

    Cancelled Honeymoon, lost deposit!! Spoke to Miss JFH, she said you are always going on about Norway, got a good deal, so went. Had a brilliant time.

    Meanwhile the Squadron changed the dates back to the orig ones!!

    AEO then found out went 51'000ft gave my boss a bollocking as they could have got me out a cople of days later by Herc.

    My boss's mitigation was, well I had to cancel mine due to the pusser.

    The same cock who made uas take full tropics in case we got invited to an function, and all he had with him was 2 pairs of 8's and 2 white tropic shirts, never even had a cap!!!

    Anyway I got 6 weeks in the caribbean, via Bermuda (twice) and the Azores. (3 years running) Mrs JFH was not happy. Fcuk Me it was hot.
  9. got a citroen c4 coupe -the VTR+.

    I love it. its the first car I have bought myself and i think its class. It looks the part, diesel consumption on long journeys is crackin and when i go campin and tak me dog to the beach there is loads of boot room.

    gonna miss it when at raleigh come september. :(

    Me dad is over the moon im leaving it at his house tho.
  10. Brill dit Joint_Force_Harrier,ok i have to go shopping with Mrs NC,she is buying clothes before they fly home on wednesday, 8)

    I ferkin hate shopping :twisted:
  11. That one was the tops and should have been put top of the list for Green Rubs. You got off lightly with only 50000ft, mine would have gone ballistic.
    did you ever make it out to the WI with MrsJFH? :wink:
  12. Massey Ferguson 5400 very versatile latest snowfall an excellent mover on the top road.

  13. A Landrover.
  14. I currently drive Astra Van, Sitroen Xsara and just sold my MGF
  15. Managed to get a hold of my grandparents old 2002 BMW 520i when they moved to something smaller. Big old heavy car, very comfortable over long distances even with 85000 on the clock
  16. A 120d SE. Soon to be disposed of for either a 370Z GT or Z4.

    Mid life crisis, embrace it.
  17. Audi A6 Sline 2 ltr tdi very eco friendly very fast half leather full 3d sat nav tracker mobil phone connectivity and charge ipod interface 6 cd changer
  18. Last car was a Clio 1.2, couldn't get much bigger due to insurance.

    Going for a Civivc R as soon as funds allow.
  19. Had a 2004 Silver Civic type R and it was a great car, understeered a little though and is noisy as fcuk on the motorway. Also stand by for some chodder in a Corsa to try and race you at EVERY set of traffic lights.

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