What were your best and worst drafts in the RN

Best-HMS Plymouth 1975-1978, wold cruise(World banyan more like)
Worst-Standing OOW HMS Nelson, although it did have a couple of advantages, 2 weeks on-two weeks off.Spoilt it for me when my dad died during my two weeks on and the Jimmy told me I had to find my own relief while I went up for the funeral!(Uncaring bastard!)Sorted it out with the help of Lt Cdr Bob-Hopson Hill and was on my way within 24 hours.
Best HMS Duncan 1961/62, Captain Fishery Protection Squadron. All around Iceland, Faeroe Islands, All the fjords Oslo to Kirkenes and a few jollies around europe.
Worst, Ganges 1959/60. Nothing could beat the miserable routine there. Me Mam said it made a man of me. Hah! :cool:

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