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What were your best and worst drafts in the RN


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What were your best and worst drafts in the RN

My worst draft was to Tain bombing range, at that time my girlfriend was a wren at Lossiemouth and I didn't want to go. I would much rather have been given a front line draft. matters were made worse when the boss at Tain informed me that they only ever had volunteers at Tain. I informed him that I was not a volunteer and didn't want to be there. No problem says he see me in a month, if you dont like it here you can go back to Lossiemouth. Month later reminds him of what he said only to be told tough your here now. Slapped in immediately for front line draft any ship any squadron. Still took me nine months to get away.

Best draft, was as a POAEM(R) to Boscombe Down. Nice tri service unit good bosses, day release education encouraged, input from officers listened to and treated as an intelligent individual. Magic.


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Worst:HMS Mercury Sickbay

Best:On detatchment to the Blues and Royals for the 82 Ambulance strike.


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Best - Every 22 I've had, the best ships in the fleet.

Worst - Health and Safety and QA in pompey dockyard, seconded to civvies and treated like shite, went back to sea 6 months early to get away.


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Best: Too many (honest!), but probably Gibraltar

Worst: Not many (honest!), but probably HMS Nottingham (long story... :shock:)
Best the G-Spot, Worst The G-Spot

No really: Best 8 weeks at Guildford Recruiting Office after we bent the Opportune while it was in the body shop.
Worst: my only shore draft 6 weeks as ships company in Pembroke Barracks. Harassed them so much got a draft to Dartmouth Training Squadron.



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Surely the classic response to this question is
Worst Ship - This one
Best ship- The last one.
On a more serious note I have to agree with K.O.T, I'm enjoying being on a 22 far more than I thought I would. Strangely enough, one of my worst ships was a H boat, which was strange, as a lot of people seemed to love them, including Lingy and Don. I've also been in the position of being on a ship and loving it, then going back a couple of years later to find that theres been a complete ethos change. At the end of the day, lifes what you make it.
Now which 80s band had a song of that title?
Best: RM Stonehouse

Worst: Admin job at Collingwood

Having said that, all my sea drafts were excellent, small ships fucking rock! (pardon the pun).
A day alongside is a day wasted.
Best draft Torpedo Trials Unit (Clyde). Nominally based in Faslane, but in effect living in hotels on full subs on the West Coast of Scotland, firing torpedos during the day and getting pissed every night.

Worst was 2 years at RNAD Coulport as a crane driver, which directly led to me putting in my notice.
Streaky said:
Best draft Torpedo Trials Unit (Clyde). Nominally based in Faslane, but in effect living in hotels on full subs on the West Coast of Scotland, firing torpedos during the day and getting pissed every night.

Worst was 2 years at RNAD Coulport as a crane driver, which directly led to me putting in my notice.

Stange RNTTU was my best, just by a short head over Warspite


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Best.....Mauritius..or maybe HMS Victory as a guide for two years!! :grin:

Worst I guess had to be Collingrad. :sad:


Best - HMS Cambridge. 4.5" Gun maintenance crew. Easy days in the nicest base the RN had. A holiday camp.

Worst - Admin job at Nelson waiting to finish my time. BORING.

Was also on 22's. The best ships in the fleet, or what is left of it.
Best Naval Party 1600 in Jebel Ali (Dubai) on board RFA Diligence, civvy acccomodation, windows in the cabin!! Not a lot of work to do,a good run ashore, fantastic social life and excellent beaches! :lol:

Worst NTD Faslane :cry:
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