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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by R12_CV, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. Over the last 6 years I have spent alot of time prep'ing my lad for the RN he has wanted to join since he was 12.

    I've cultivated him with my wealth of knowledge (ex big ships) with advice, tips, pictures, books and dits.
    I've made him aware of those important aspects such as ethos, humour, dress standards and marks of respect.
    I've even warned him of that most dangerous of lifes fcuk-ups....women!
    He joined the Sea Cadets and made Petty Officer Cadet after completing his board at Whale Island and looked the muts-nuts in his nos ones at 16.

    Then at AFCO, he decides hes goin' deep..! And accepts the 5K 'welcome sum'
    Ok, no big drama there, but....

    The other weekend he accepted my 'invitation' into attending the local Remembrance Parade in town.
    Dressed in gold badge suit, with out-of-date badges, grey w/front and Jessie hair with a reluctance to pin his 'bomber pin' on under his dolphins he again looked the dogs bollocks..!! (adored by the senior female cadets :roll: )

    His 3's are screwed under his bed at home along with PDP's and unopened certs. He even uses his dolphins as a bottle opener 8O
    This November we can count on one hand the number of hair cuts he's had this year; he claims he cannot take more than one set of 8's & 2 sets of niks to sea 'cos of space, nor can he take alot of dhoby gear. Yet he fetches home an entire shopping trolly of gizzets from Walmart on his States side visit!!!

    So why am I so proud of this scruffy shit that I passed over to the RN nearly 2 years ago?
    Is it because I (and he) knows that bullsh!t counts for feckall? Is it because 'we' all know that deeps pull together when it counts?

    Answering my own original Q, I think nowt went wrong. All I hope is that the RN continues to commit its self to him as much as he does to it.
  2. Love the quote from the last detail.Best film of the 70's by a country mile.Your sons got some guts for going down deep.Hope even in the times we're in he sticks with the navy and goes from strength to strength.
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Shut it shitlips. If this were a porn forum, I think you took the money shot.
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hes still living at home, thats where the problem lies. Boot him out and turn his room into a gentlemens club.
  5. As you can see can see R12 hopefully your son is not stuck down under with some of the inhabitants of this website.If so he's going to need all the balls and guts he showed to join up in the first place.
  6. Me thinks you got a bite witsend.. :D :D
  7. A bite from the Space-Minger? No sport there, he's hardly worth sharpening the crayons for: Just this season's Ja5on, lately arrived to play along with the big boys.

    (Beats me how he ever found his way over to pollute the Submariner's Forum though, I guess he must have been on the hot line to his AFCO again. :roll: )

    Anyway, BZ to R12's lad. All par for the course so far, eh :wink:
  8. Sounds like he's a perfect submariner to me R12 (except the bomber bit), good luck to the laad.
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you get your tongue any further up R12_CV's anus, he'll have to phone HRH for a winch rescue.
  10. Wot the flying f**k are you on about?
  11. Ha ha...done that in a sense. Giving it instead to his sister (who seems destined to 'entertain Gentlemen' :roll: ). He's relegated to sharing his little bro's mahoosive room, teaching him all the finer points of MoH.

    WreckerL; I tried to 'push' him onto hunter/killers but alas the branch had other ideas for the Weaps Eng - hence the DS review didn't look too bad for him.

    Spaceman, the only guts & balls he needed was to hold back from planting the fcukwit in his basic training, who sounded very much like yourself.

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