what we all drive??

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Just had a heated discussion with my best mate over our cars!!
    she has an automatic and swears they are better - I'm converted from riding motorbikes (no I'm NOT a biker dyke), to driving a car (necessity from having 2 rug rats!!). But my car is a manual (2.5 V6 GSI).
    SO which is best - manual, or automatic?
  2. Depends on how good a driver you are IMHO. Using a manual gear box, I think you have to be more aware of other road users.
    I drive a manual, but if my Sedona had automatic, I'd be happy with that too.
  3. It depends comrade...

    1) a transmission is a tricky beast. Women being crackers and having all the co-ordination of a penguin on crack cocaine, will in fact shag the transmission of any motor vehicle if allowed to tamper with it via the gear stick. "I need to go backwards to try and park in this spot thats big enough for an oil tanker. I know lets try 4th"!

    2) if you are a woman go for an automatic. If gives you more opportunity to spend time fiddling with the radio whilst trying to load your Take That CD, or maybe (and here is a thing) to use the f**king indicators once in a while. Christ on a bike, car manufacturers don't put lights on to make vehicles look pretty.

    That just about covers it for me Brazen. :wink:
  4. If Brazen has spent a considerable time riding motorcycles I would put her level of road craft at a fairly high level. Anyone who rides motorcycles as well as driving cars has a far better concept of road awareness than someone who has been tied to four wheels.
  5. comrade, on youtube there is a bear riding a bycicle. 2 wheels? pah I've shat 'em! :grin:
  6. thanks Slim - used to own a suzuki GSXR 600,; scared the beegeebers out of my driving instuctor - but yes it stood me in good stead - my only problem was roundabouts! still thought i was on a bike and used to be very "chancey"!
  7. Well I ride as well as drive, I prefer manual because I think it gives me more control and a bit more fuel efficiency.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Totally agree - I was a car driver for years and improved my road awareness through simple mistakes, but since I began riding bikes (not in the biblical sense!) my awareness has improved considerably.

    At the moment I drive a Renault Clio, ride a Ducati Monster S4 and steer 18,500 tonnes of hot, grey LPD!!

  9. I have been driving auto for yeard, much better than manual. I went back to manual for a while a couple of years ago (not through choice) and being in traffic jams was hell. Why change gear when you don't have to?
    Now happy with my SAAB 93 Auto (sadly 6000 miles away in GUZZ).
  10. put a poll up. Thats what they are for. See what comes out on top. Don't forget the option of "nothing, women should be made to stay indoors".
  11. Speaking from both points of view, i'd like to think my road awareness is quite good, although hubby says i do drive like i ride a bike!
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hubby says you're a bike? Ohh... just re-read your post... :twisted: :wink:
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I have to disagree Slim! Bike riders in cars are lethal, they overestimate the acceleration ability of their new steeds and underestimate their braking distances, I used to nearly kill myself everytime I got into the family saloon after spending years on a bike!

    But to answer the question a manual will always give you more control! So it's an not an automatic in my 2.5 litre V6 Audi
  14. I do that, the whole ''yeah I can get through there.......***k not in this I can't'' state of mind.

    Only happens if I've been using the bike a lot though, and I'm more conscious of it than when I first started.
  15. my mistake every time - its not too bad if im in my car, but when i borrowed my mates` 1.2 astra -uh oh!!!
  16. Changed cars in august 06, due to having a dodgy left knee I decided to go for an auto, although I was unhappy as I liked driving manual. to my suprise I found I really enjoyed driving it (X type 3l Sport 4 year old). I still drive a manual on occasion but definitly love the auto.
  17. I think it's said you lose a lot of road knowledge driving an automatic. Don't know a great deal about them though. Is automatic supposed to give better fuel consumption, and manual more control over acceleration?
    I wouldn't want to change my manual gearbox though.
  18. i have a manual, and i have to say Performance wise if u was to get two cars the same, one auto and one manual, the manual would wipe the floor with the auto,
  19. Took delivery of a second hand manual Daihatsu Terios today. OK,,, its a mini 4x4, but everything works, and it buzzes along no probs. The important thing is with my gammy pins I can get in and out of it. I struggled with my old Escort.

    The car has had one owner. Have all the documentation for servicing since new, and they gave me a year's MOT and a new windcreen. Can't be bad at £2,500. on an R.

    I keep getting flashed by the gay brigade though..... :shock:
  20. I drive a manual... a manually operated pair of walking shoes combined with rucksack (para car boot) are the most flexible mode of transport. No worries over the costs of petrol or diesel, only resoling and hobnobbing the soles, (or should that be hobnailing? :wink: ) and able to go most places without stupid signs telling you that X is Out of Bounds in Y direction. I mean! And after a good, calorie burning walk you come home, kick off your shoes/boots, have a refreshing cold/hot shower depending on the weather and lie on the bed with your (sometimes sore) feet up.... Bliss...

    The other advantage of walking everywhere, writing in my capacity as deathmonger, is that transporting one's scythe, to harvest the time expired, is so much easier on foot than having to drive a Land Rover here and there, starting, getting out, back in again, etc. What a hassle - and the clergy are so much more afraid of me in my grey robes..... :twisted:

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