What was your time on the PJFT?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scarface2009, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. I passed my Medical yesterday. and am going to book my PJFT in, what score's did some of you get?
  2. Got 10:17 on the treadmill and then 9:27 at Raleigh.
  3. wow, thts very good!, i dont do enough exercise according to the doc!! he told me i will fail if i dont do more exercise!. I started the gym and in the induction he told me the speed that you need to go to pass the PJFT, i was pretty shocked, i need to get Fit, i did it in 12:15 which is not good enough but still recognised as a pass, ahh well am going to book my PJFT today,
  4. I did mine in 11:09 but i've got it down to 8:36 when we did it on the parade ground in sultan.
  5. It'll take you no time at all to get that good mate. You just have to focus and push yourself.

    Took me about 2 months of training to break 9:20 from a 12:20 starting point.

    I ran 3.5 miles 4 times a week testing my 1.5 miles every two weeks. I also swam 1 km every morning.

    I'm 26 and at that time weighed 16.5 stone ( now down to 15 :D ).

    Good luck!
  6. Cheers Mate

    I am aiming to get it down to about 11/11:30 mins

    im going to hit the gym tonite!!!
  7. I got 11:16 in my PJFt and have since got mine down my a few more seconds to 10:58

    not a big iprovment i know but i'v not had much time for training over the past month :-(

    but that is due to hurting my ankel and going on holiday back on it this week and i'm doing it in about 11:30
    but i've not pushed myself to hard at the mo don't want to damage anything else as i start basic in 5 weeks :) !!!!
  8. Don't worry about it, anyone can do it aslong as you put the effort in. Go on regular jogs on long distances, nothing too strenuous just what you can handle. You will soon find yourself getting fitter and more confident.
  9. I got 9:44 on the treadmill. I hate running on those damn things, especially when you've got a load of old biddys around you doing their evening workout.
  10. Haha, the day before i went for mine i did it in 8.16 then on the test i got 9.46 :p
  11. Not done my PJFT yet, but the best i've ran it in is 9:36, then took a bit of a break and lost some of my fitness, but after a couple of months back on it and am running it in about 9:50 at the mo, going to try it tomorrow night, hoping to break the 9:50. I tend to run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, running 5km's on the Monday and Friday and the 2.4km's on a Wednesday, and go swimming on Tuesday and Thursday.
  12. What happens if you fail down at Raleigh? I heard you get discharged but i've also been told you get extra PT sessions through-out the 9 weeks :roll: . I got 9:28 on PJFT.
  13. You get remedials which is as you say, extra PT. This can be a pain in the arse if you have lots of washing and ironing to do. You shouldn't have a problem if you got 9:28.
  14. I did mine in 9:12 yesterday.*
    3 weeks ago I could bearly run the distance non-stop let alone in competitive time.
    But with bit of motorvation and persistance the time soon tumbles down.
    So if you're not up mark just yet, dont dishearten, stick at it, you'll soon see an improvement :)

    * Not my PB, but usually run out on the road not on treadmill, don't know if that effected things.
  15. I've got a question that I bet you've heard loads of times before but what is the best way to improve you mile and half, is it short sprints like sprinting for say 2 minutes then jogging/walking for 2 minutes or would it be running at a consistant speed for say half hour or more or less which ever you can manage to do
  16. Best time - 9:17 during my RNAC at HMS Collingwood.

    PJFT - 9:50

    Found the warm up given by the bat swinger's helped me a lot. Since getting back I've had some awkward pains in my chest whilst running and have done it in 10:30 approx not too worried though as I'm focussed on improving my strength.

    In terms of improving your running have a mix up of long slow run's, short quicker one's and get some practice running an actual mile and a half. Sprints between lamposts increase your lung capacity which would be useful I guess.
  17. That'll be 'club' not bat mate.
  18. I got told bat...
  19. ...well you were told wrong :roll:
  20. Evidently.

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