What Was Your First Flight In

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Buccaneer, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. I remember flying as a Sea Cadet in the very early 70's in both a Whirlwind and a Sea Devon from what was then HMS Goldchrest - RNAS Brawdy.

    Anyone else have any memories like this.
  2. I cannot remember what mine was called. It was a RAF plane with props. Flew me out to 41 cdo in Malta in '75 and back again in '77. A Brittania? The WRAF stewardesses were gorgeous in their little thunderbirds hats.
  3. My only flight with me at the controls was in a RAF Buccaneer Simulator at RAF Honington in the 70's with my Bruv a crab Bucc Pilot in the rear seat. That was fun, before the days of PC Games.

    First passenger flight "British Eagle" Brittania Stanstead to Singapore via, Istanbul, Karachi, Bombay, Singapore. 2nd January 1963.

  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    When I was on HMS Massive I piped Evening Rounds with the Jimmy in a Space Shuttle... :lol:
  5. A Wasp; in 1970 from HMS Ashanti; abseiling down onto Eastney Barracks with a RM Sgt Major shoving me out the door with his boot before I was ready. I had rope burns for weeks. Bastard!
  6. :toilet: :tp: (Malta in '75 and back again in '77. A Brittania?)
    Ditto, a Brittania from Brize to Malta via a quick stop on Scicily, joined the Bulwark in Grand Harbour (1972), recall flying backwards and there certainly weren't any crab stewardess's on board. Longest Crab flight was Brize to Ascension in a Tristar in about '84 via Senegal, had to sit alongside the runway there and it was fecking hot, very jungly. Flew in a Bristows across the Falklands and had our Wasp drop off a crate of beer for us at the rebuilt Top Mallow house which the booties had destroyed with gusto some time earlier ! The weirdest flight was in a Hercy Bird out of Port Stanley on a patrol around the Islands for 8 hours, amazing what those tin cans can do, very interesting w.c and seating arrangements at the back end! :toilet: :tp:
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    1987: HMS Bristol, DTS deployment in the Med, accompanied by HMSs Euryalus and Rothesay. Got a free flight in the last operational Wasp... noisy and scary, but fun!
  8. :toilet: :tp: Oh, and the Pakistani Airlines flight I took out to Malta in 1975, Air Malta had run out of planes, it was full of Malts (not surprisingly), a lot of them elderly females in top to bottom black atire, everyone of them praying frantically throughout the flight and clutching their Rosary's. I was never more happy to land at Luqua than I was on that flight. :toilet: :tp:
  9. Chipmunk as an air cadet
    Wessie at Culdrose
    Seaking from Gannet/Hermes
    Lynx from Gannet/Yeovil
    VC10 from Ascension
  10. A Dakota of Derby Airways from Ballykelly to Derby in 1962. Apart from seeing the wings flap as it lurched down the runway, the train that crossed the runway in front of us did nothing to help me enjoy the flight !
  11. A whirlwind at fulmar Hercules vc 10 wasp Chinook oh and brittania to the fes :ufo:
  12. A Dominie at RNAS Bramcote early 1956. (HMS Gamecock)
  13. Expeditor ( Admirals Barge) joyride/ test flight at Donibristle ( HMS Merlin) about 1952/3
  14. TWA Super Constellation, 4 prop engines, London, Ireland, Gander, Boston,New York, Kansas City..24 hour flight, when my parents emigrated to the USA in 1952.
  15. Think I was at Rooke when they came into Gib.

  16. If I remember rightly that would be Burnaston Airport sadly now part of the Toyota factory

  17. In the bar of the two trees.

    Oh, I'm sorry, did you say fight or flight?
  18. Air Malta got all their original jets and maintenance back up from Pakistan Airlines. Originally Boeing 707's, but not quite, as they were the short range stumpy version of that aircraft .
    Some aircraft were wet/dry leased from PIA ..
    You really needn't have worried.
    Mind you I'll go up in any kind of rickety contraption.
  19. Sea Balliol T21 Bramcote
    Gannet AS1 T2 Eglinton
    Super DC3
    Wessex 1 5 Culdrose
    Whirlwind 7
    Sea Prince
    Sea Venom 831
    Auster 6 7 RAF Debden
    Skeeter 12 AACC Middle Wallop
    Devon Leeon Solent
    RB50 Aktinson Field BG
    Grumman Goose Demarara river BG
    Tiger Moth Robough
    Meatbox TT20 Hal Far
    Shakleton RAF Luquar
  20. CHIPMUNK as a cadet - then had a great opportunity to fly one again last month down at Yeovilton and do some aeros - fab fun - old bucket that laps it up when you chuck it around.

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