What was your favourite Drinking area in the world

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Looking at the post about sh!tt!ng, bought back fond memories of the Gut in Malta.
    Jack had many favourite spots around the globe where he would gather with colleagues to enjoy a friendly drink or ten.
    We had:
    Bugis street in Singapore
    Wanchai in Hong Kong
    The Gut in Malta
    Union street in Guz
    Patpong in Bangkok
    Killidini Rd in Mombasa
    Steamer point in Aden (back on board by 1800)

    Where was your favourite, and which one was your downfall?
  2. ... and do any of those still exist? My cynical mind says, probably not.
  3. The nearest Bar!

    The Lone Barn near Burseldon was a firm favourite,as was the Market House Tavern in Gosport.
  4. It doesn`t matter whether they exist or not Dunkers, they did, for me its a toss up between Bugis Street and the Gut.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Union Strasse always took some beating, but agree Bugis St tops
  6. Union st Plymouth, Bugis street singapore (much cleaned up) and Patpong 1&2 still going strong.
  7. After a year as a singley in Gib in the very early 80's I fondly remember major drinking sessions in wonderful establishments such as The Barrel House, Lottie's Beer Keller, Cannon Bar, Donkey's Flip Flop, Mad Bish, Boxer Bar, Bat and Ball, Oliver Twist, Captain's Table, Mason's Arms, Duke O'Boots, Star Bar, Anchor, Chimney Corner, Buccaneers .... oh sod it - every bar in Gib :D
  8. Olongapo Philipines.......Armada Club after a double header on No1 pitch

    Marthas Bar Pompey before the refurb.
  9. green shutters portland! or anywhere in Weymouth!
  10. sold a junior in most of the above/or was i sold/the cities are thre but the places have movedstill a run ashore is what you make it,i had a good run ashore in portsmouth once or twice but wil never admit it under intera gation!!!!
  11. The Ibrox Bar - Dhahran.
  12. Rig run: All of Newcastle UK. (The worlds best run ashore.)

    In Civvies: Bugis Street, Singapore

    Best individual Bar: Texas Bar Lisbon

  13. Barcelona as a run ashore is hard to beat.

    Texas Bar, Lisbon is a memorable venue. They have some nice girlies in there who'll sit on your knee and let you flop their tits out to play with.
  14. The Nearest bar that's open - after that a good matelot (and 'is mates) will make it a good run ashore

    Kinda reminds me of Mad Frankie in the Dock and Railway - Falmouth! Few wets on a Saturday lunch, in comes this bloke with his dog, he tells it to sit, it sits! Some locals said thats an obedient dog but only for his boss! Yes sez his owner I'm the only one who can tell him to do anything, he won't do nuffink for anyone else! 'Really' sez Frankie with a gleam in his eye (oh shit thinks us, were's the bloody door) 'Yep' sez the owner. 'Bet I can tell him to do something and he'll do it!' 'how much'; so a prize is fixed and the money lodged with the landlord!

    'Right' sez Frankie, picks the dog up and chucks it on the open burning fire! "Get off!" Shouts Frankie.........He won his bet! Got his money, and for some reason we got banned! Mind you 'twas only for a week (landlord knew which side his bread was buttered on)- those where the days!
  15. :D The volcano club on the Ascension, :lol: happy hour on a Fri night with lots to munch on, followed by a good nights sleep in the garden, or ontop of a sherpa van!
  16. Quincys in Papeete, Prison Officers bar, Island Island Bermuda,London bar Gib,Duty Watch bar St. Johns Antigua.
  17. Nutty you have great taste mate , down the Big Market area of Newcastle , just cant be beat , fxxxxxxxxxxxg awesome , pussie to die for , & a decent pint , lovely jubberly , :D :D
  18. As the old saying goes: There's no place like home.

    The Driftwood Inn (later just "Drifters"), right outside the main gate of MCAS Cherry PT, NC.
  19. All except steamer point for me were brilliant watering holes ||
  20. Of course my taste is impecable Geordie Pussy the best meal in the world, to die for.

    Visits in 66, 68, 71(RN) 78, 86(Plod) 2000 (Civvie)

    As you say awesome


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