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What was your Boat ?????

These days I get confused on the years, but here goes

66 Cachalot, then, Alliance, Aeneas, Revenge, Grampus, Swiftsure. Perhaps in the wrong order (except for the first and last)
Skimmer (Bulwark 74-77) before joining boats in 1977 then

Superb (Part 3),
Sovereign (77-80),
Sovereign (81-82),
Turbulent (85-87),
Tireless (88-91),
Torbay (94-96),
Spartan (smerped),
Trafalgar (99-03),
Submarine school (03-07),

Sunshine squadron all the way ;)

Edited because I got a boat wrong!!
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Walrus 78-80
Ocelot 80-82
Orpheus 83-85
Olympus 85-88
Torbay 88-92
Torbay 95-97
Tireless 2000-2002
Civvy 2013...

I think that's about right.

Just because I've written some dates on this here thread does not necessarily mean or imply that I was present at any crime that my or may not have taken place when said submarine was or was not at the alleged place at the appropriate on inappropriate time etc...
I might have been fifth watch, or more than likely just pissed.
Skimmer 78-90 drafted to boats after mechs course. SM2 then Trenchant 90-92 passed pt3 and shutdown SR then pmu'd back skimmer due to claustrophobia. A lot of hard work wasted. Civvy street 02

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Skimmer all the way plus in my day they did not have jack dusties in boats plus a dread of confined spaces[Can' t spell the Cl word] Big But,but; I will always remember S.M.Tiptoe with love because a couple of the crew in Rothsay filled in Leading Patrolman Shakesphere a **** of a very high order. The Adamant crew and boats alongside observed the code of silence.
First 12 years

Ganges 74 Joined

Gurkha 75 - 76

Danae 76-77

Leander 79-81

Danae 82-84

Last 12 years

Dolphin 86-87

Spartan 87-90

Triumph 93-96

98 Civvy Left from Drake
We must've been on Triumph at the same time Sumo. I was a WEM(R) on there between those dates.
Which one I was the Sonar Bender, Fwd Tech & Panel operator, note my avatar to guess which one?

Took her through Docking in 94 then Gib and state side for a jolly, went 5th watch / leave on draft just as she sailed for Xmas patrol
USS SEAVIEW (LHOM on the Flying sub)
That microscopic one what was injected into that blokes arm in the film "Fantastic Voyage"
Thunderbird IV
A yellow one
Attack Team on the Nautilus with Captain Nemo
Red October
Did a Duty weekend on VALIANT one Christmas but only because some twat
had swapped all the name boards around and I was hammered...should have
gone down COURAGEOUS, which was then the CONQUEROR who had
suddenly morphed into the WARSPITE. What a pot mess Christmas that was.
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