What was your Boat ?????


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I have an idea , because the Submarine service is such a small world , I am sure many of you may know each other . So why not post your previous boats with dates . This way we can ask about oppos etc etc . I left the Submarine service 12 years ago but i am sure many of my old shipmates are still in the ''mob'' . HM/SM REPULSE (port) 1991-93
HMS Ganges May 28th 1974

HMS Antrim 1975-1976

HMS Ulster/Rame Head 1976-1977 (Sea Cadet training Ship)

HMS Renown 1977(Refit)

HMS Revenge 1978-1980
Dec 1965 to Jan 1968 Truncheon (Dolphin)
Jan 1968 to 1968 Osiris (Faslane)
RP2's Course
1968 to 1969 Finwhale (Faslane)
L/S Course
1969 to 1972 Opportune (Dolphin)


PS, Just for interest
HMSGanges, Drake 39 Mess Short Covered Way Oct 61 to Oct 62
HMS Loch Killisport Jan 1963 to July 1964
HMS Tenby July 1964 to July 1965


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Renown (S) 1971-74 (with a short stint on Courageous mid-73)
Cachalot (SM2 at Guzz) 74-76

and also PS....
Ganges, Drake 37 Mess SCW, 67-68, Triumph 68-69, Kranji 69, Leander 80, Bulwark 80-81, Zulu 83-84, Southampton 87-88.... and LOTS of shore drafts!


Lantern Swinger
1950/51 at Ganges - 6 Mess (Dunkirk) Blake Div Long Covered Way, then Indephat, Tryrian then to the Med on Cleopatra and the LST Dieppe 3016 from 1951 to 1953. Osprey for ASDIC training then to Dolphin.

1st boat in 1954, Slueth followed by Sidon, Scorcher, 56, all at Portland then to 4th Submarine Squadron in Sydney Australia on Thorough, Tellemachus, Aurochs from 56 to 59


May 59, Ganges 22 recruitment, Short Covered Way, then Ark Royal
1961 Bermuda (HMS)
1962 Belfast (HMS)
1963 S/M Oracle
1964 S/M Valiant
1967 S/M Repulse (P)
1970 S/M Revenge (P)
1972 S/M Revenge (S)
1975 S/M Resolution (S)


Wish I could remember dates !!
Started with Narwhal about 69 Then
Standby during building of resolution. Then
Launch, Workup & 1st patrol (Stbd Crew) Then:
Olympus - with the Cachalot fin change
Dolphin - Insructing
Opportune (Spare crew Job)
Onslaught (Again) to refit in Guzz
refit group (Conventional) til leaving RN 1985 afre 25 years
Started oa an REM - then LREM - Then POREL - Then RMECH2 - Finish as RMECH1

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