What was your biggst disappointment on joinng?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jesse, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. :geek: My adolescence and early teens were in the late 1940s-early 50s. Back then when nobody locked their doors[because no fcuker had anything worth pinching] I grew up on a diet of American war flims, Back to Battann, Away all Boats, Battle Cry,- and my most favorite From here to Eternity. On my debut at Victoria Barracks Southsea I was not quite stupid enough to think that Russ Tamlin and Donnold O'conner would do song and dance routines on mess deck tables or that there would be wise Spencer Tracy like noncoms nor that we would be shooting dice in the heads to a background of haunting bugle calls and sing The Renlistment Blues. :roll: But :!: I did think that I would be issued with dog tags. :( Dog tags were vital to look jack me hearty up the line casually displayed under an open neck shirt or allowed to drop over the neck of a tight T shirt. 8) I was as chocker as ten. Made up fo it with a Saint Christopher medal which had no religious meaning at all , but got me in conflict with the regulating branch untill the day I demobbed. Still got it :p What was your initial disappointment :?:
  2. Being issued with new style uniform. Fore and aft creases, sewn in silk, no tapes to tie a tiddly bow in. Huh.
  3. Wasn't shown how to fill out a make and mend or leave chit.
  4. My biggest dissapointment on joining up was finding out that the "jack proof" glasses with wire rims that you were issued with didnt float during the assault course! Rubbish!
  5. Biggest disappointment? There were so many to chose from.

    I think the thing that pissed me off the most was joining the military and only getting to fire a gun once a year. Having been into rifle shooting for years and growing up watching war films where everyone is tooled up, it was a huge disappointment to find out that the only times I would actually get to shoot anything, would be once a year on a 25 metre range or off the arse end of the ship once a deployment.

    When they explained to me that I would have to shout ''dagger dagger dagger'' while pretending to shoot a 20mm Gambo, I died a little inside. I suppose as a 16 year old kid, I imagined I would be issued a 9mm pistol to carry at all times and sleep with under my pillow while on leave to impress the chicks with.

    I fcuking love guns me, bbrrrraaaap!
  6. I bet you've made up for lost time though mate!
  7. Initially, it was the fact that "Left hand down a bit" wasn't an official helm order in the RN.

    Later on, it was the abolition of 'pilotage money' only days before I rendered a claim containing a long list of small, tricky ports entered and departed without the aid of a pilot while navigating a 440 ton minesweeper for the previous two years. At least that's what my CO told me after I'd left the ship. As I wasn't a qualified 'N', he would have received the money but would have been honour-bound to split it with me, or at least buy me a drink, for having done all the work. :(
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For me, joining as a rather grandly termed "Marine Engineering Mechanic", no less, it was not a little dissappointing to be collectively bawled at on the parade ground by some shouty bloke, that we were a bunch of useless stokers.

    The useless I could live with, but Stokers? I'd not been aware that's what we were, I always though that stoker was some kind of menial job that only "poor people" did.

    Turns out I was right :wink:

    One cannot help but smile inwardly when the renamed proud individuals are now called the uber-posh "Engineeriong Technicians". Yeah, whatever...
  9. Blame Mountbatten for that !

    Fortunately, I didn't get it, having been B13'd the year previously.

  10. Likewise, being an Operator Mechanic (Warfare) sounded so sexy on paper, driving speedboats, shooting guns, firing missiles at planes, abseiling out of helicopters, dropping depth charges on submarines, diving into the sea to rescue people, the job had it all.

    I remember enquiring naively ''why do they call us dabbers?'' I was horrified at the reply ''because you spend all day painting.''
  11. Having joined HMS Raleigh, being told we would get £25 every 2 weeks and the rest at the end of our 6 weeks training (9 weeks for me as we had summer leave in the middle). All these lads were get £100 plus. When I went up as I was only 16 I got roughly £20 as my rate of pay was roughly £54 per month at that time. Still £20 was better than nothing I suppose.


  12. Same as Dash,on the farm I shot everything and considered my self a good shot with the old .22, 410 and 12 bore.
    Passed all the test and was advised to go in the Radar ops but i was good at gunnery and went for that.
    What a let down,about 2 shoots a year if I was lucky until I was drafted to Tipnor then it all worked.
    Other let down was all the spit and shit thrown at you for no reason.
    I was lucky enough to join ['56] when there was enough of the WW2 Matelots remaining to steer me right.
    After what they had seen my anger at stupid official petty orders seemed minor.
  13. After earning £25 a week and joining to" earn good money and see the world" getting £7 a fortnight and having to buy a new hat cos my lovely instructor put a pair of scissors thru mine as it wasn,t clean enough.Bless him :x
  14. One pound a fortnight and horrible food (what there was of it) in n 1951!
  15. :p Phew, there are a few Rum Rationers older than me after all. 8)
  16. Finding out that we Didn't drop the pick each night, at sea, at 6pm (1800 for the wise) have supper, turn in and have a good night's kip....and kick off again about 9 am'ish (09dubs)next day
  17. Another thing that disappointed me hugely was the complete lack of rampant homosexuality in the RN. Having watched the Village People video and Top Gun over and over again, I was quite looking forward to growing a bumfluff tash and getting amongst the boys big time. When I joined my first ship and asked the lads if any of them wanted to fcuk, they just beat me with a samson bar and made me live in 5P deep mag for a week.
  18. Reminds me of the junior seaman who arrived on board his first ship shortly before leaving harbour. During his joining routine, he was told he had the middle watch as a bridge lookout. At the appointed hour, he found his way to the bridge but couldn't see anything in the customary gloom. Nervously, he called out, "Is there anybody there?"

    For a few moments, there was a stunned silence. The Captain was the first to recover and hissed, "Of course there's somebody here!"

    "Okay mate," said the young sailor. "You can piss off now. I'm your relief."
  19. Just how much like a waiter trop 3's make you look...
  20. F''ing ACE !!


    I'm getting strange looks from some of the other staff ..... :lol:

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