What was your best Grippo?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dollygee, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. My best grippo was a Yank banker (not of the merchant variety) who me and my oppo met in a grotty bar in Kingston, Jamaica. He was there to experience the local floorshow, which as the night progressed Jack and some local ladies were providing.The next day he came to the ship and whistled 4 of us back to his mansion in the hills for a barbeque.Fantastic!!
  2. Met an airline pilot in Hong Kong and he invited me and my oppo to visit his palatial mansion in one of the better parts of Sydney.

    When we got to Sydney a few weeks later rang the house, he was working somewhere on the other side of the world, but his wife seemed to be expecting our call. Lets just say she was extremely welcoming! Often wondered about this.
  3. Yea, right. Grippo - Meaning's changed but I get the meaning. Met one in Florida, many years ago. He was as gay as a yellow duster but he never tried it on. Took a couple of us to meet some of his friends, who were mixed genders. What a fantastic night we had. Meal in a large restaurant with a professional piano player who knew all the .... the.....piano songs. I had a gorgeous hostess who kept coming up to me and whispering in my ear, "d'you wanna make love?"
    I was everso embarassed, and MARRIED, that I asked our host why this gorgeous hostess wanted 'to make love'. He took her to one side and then came back to me and said that she had only been enquiring if I wanted another "Michelob"(do a Google - it's a beer in the States)
    By this time I was pissed and couldn't have been embarassed anymore.
  4. That's a new keyboard you owe me - 'kin hilarious !!
    Cheered up a boring day at work (everyone else is off)

  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Typo corrected - but at least it's better than the fizzy water they sell under the Budweiser brand.
  6. The meaning of 'Grippo' seems to have changed.
    In my day it meant a good friend, someone you could trust and for whom you had mutual respect.
    Reading this thread it seems that it is now someone you take advantage of, or rip off!
  7. In my day, 70 to 93, a Grippo was someone you met in foreign parts, who then proceeded to lash you up. Needless to say, he (usually a 'he') was taken onboard/down the boat and made suitably squiffy on CSB. He then felt obliged to entertain you some more! A symbiotic relationship perhaps! Knowledge of local areas v CSB!
  8. Going ashore and meeting a Grippo used to be known as Grippo strangling.
    In the time frame 1952 to 1977. Happy days.
  9. In my days a Grippo was a person male/female that arrived at the ship requesting a sailor or marine to take out for the day a treat if you like nothing about ripping them off as suggested above...i met many such people whilst on HMS Blakes tour of africa/far east..one in Capetown was a millionieress divorced from a plumbing supplies chap we had a fantastic time yes i did cater to the ladies needs but she was more than generous in return i spent a weeks leave with her on my return trip ....I also met a family in Adelaide the bloke was a right piss head just wanted to get to the boozer all the time he could put the ale away well larger it was but couldnt hold his self together i carried him to his place 3 times in all absolutely ratzed his missus was none too pleased threw him on the spare bed to sleep it off ...she needed a shoulder to cry on as she was so peed off with his ways which i must say i obliged her and was nicely rewarded at no time did i rip them off fond memories too ...
  10. So we believe you!
    You never ripped of your Grippos, just their wives knickers :w00t:
  11. So we believe you!
    You never ripped of your Grippos, just their wives knickers ................................never had to rip them off either was reqested to remove them from the owners ... a great time was had by all too :thumright:
  12. :) :drool: ;)

    Where do I post my chit? :sex:
  13. THINGY................................... if youre going to quote me i suggest you do just that and not change what i write i have never accepted offers from males and never will strickly for females thankyou .....
  14. Think you have had a brain storm

    ''Oppo ''is what you describe as in best mate buddy etc.
    ''Grippo'' is as the postings --- freebie runs ashore .

    They used to post the details on the main notice boards --volunteers required. Day out with english ex pat family etc etc
    Think my best one was in Bermuda - they had their 19 yr old daughter
    detailed off to look after me . I was 18.Great time -and I was told I had to
    do it-- nobody else had volunteered and they didn't want to let the people down.
    Wasn't allowed to spend anything they paid everything . Was there a week
    and five of the days was with them . Life with the rich whites .

    Happy days

    :nemo: :nemo:
  15. I'm a bit confused about the "supposed" change of meaning. "Trapping a Grippo" during my service ('52-'75), meant either being extremely fortunate in your allocation of a local person/family from the "grippo list" posted outside the Coxwain's/Jaunty's office, or meeting someone ashore who wanted to "lash you up".
    I was fortunate on numerous occasions.
    In La Guaira, Venezuela, my mate and I were "allocated" to meet a chap at the Caracas end of the teleferico. We met, he took us to one of the best hotels, apologised, explained that he must depart on urgent business, had a chat for about half an hour, then left us with permission to eat and drink on his tab for as long as we wanted to.
    In Baltimore, I walked into a bar, the barmaid was an ex GI bride who's husband had passed on, she loved my London accent. I put my change on the bar, she filled my glass, took some change, rang the till, put the change back again, and so on ad infinitum. She also slipped her hand into my burberry pocket while I wasn't looking, and I found three $10 bills there next morning. This was 1959 - I was drawing less than that over the pay table per fortnight.
    In Simonstown, three of us ashore met Gerry and his lady. We had a couple of great evenings with them, including one where a bar had closed, and Gerry knew of a place several miles away that would still be open.
    He drove us at what would be considered reckless speed, we found the bar, had a few more wets. When they came on board, to our invitation, he was recognized by others as Paddy Hopkirk, world famous rally driver.
    He said that he had enjoyed our company so much because we DIDN'T know who he was.
    In Singapore, at Christmas, four POs were invited to join X, on Christmas day. We found ourselves at this seriously palatial house. He and his wife had also invited four rather tasty young ladies, from their business, to "make up the numbers". We played silly, organized games, we drank, we chatted, we had a wonderful time. They hosted us well. They were polite, well bred, the cream of society. When we were leaving, we invited them back on board for a couple of days later. A couple of wets from the mess bottle, a pint or two, and this man turned into the best messdeck purveyor of filthy songs I've ever had the privilege to meet, and I know some. His wife, and the girls, beamed throughout. It was great!
    There are dozens more, but these are typical Grippos.


  16. Ok'd'ok I see that - it's this damn Christmas, addles the brain....I hate it! Plus, quite a few years since I had either experience..... :thumright:
  17. Aww shucks ;)

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