What was the most surprisingly good thing about joining?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. In response to the other thread, what did you least expect when you joined up that turned out to be awesome?

    For me it was going to Raleigh as an unassuming, skinny, spotty 16 year old kid and coming out as a slightly less skinny, spotty 16 year old silver tongued cavalier.

    Before I joined up I was like Stan from Southpark where he barfs whenever a girl speaks to him, by the time I'd finished Raleigh I thought I was the Fonz. I'd confidently waltz up to the bar in my local and order a round for my mates, knowing that the bar staff wouldn't dare not serve me for being under age, because I was in the mob. I'd wander up to random groups of females and start bantering because I knew they'd be impressed with my Raleigh dits and tales of derring-do on the Tamar.

    By the end of my first leave I had shagged most of the girls I thought were completely unobtainable prior to joining and a few of the hanging ones for good measure. My civvy mates worshipped me like a god because of it.

    Basically the RN turned me into a gobby fcuker with too much swagger and confidence for my own good. It got me into a few fights but it won me far more fans than it did enemies.

    They never told me about that in the joining leaflets.
  2. I didn't expect the RN to have turned me into a sex pest :D
  3. :roll: All of what 2D said. On my first leave I swaggered round my old school in No1s drank well u.a. without being challenged and found out that folk offered me lifts. Pusser changed me from an ugly duckling if not into quite a handsome swan at least a fiesty gander. I was always a good distance runner[ Don't do false modesty] but pusser detected a natural talent for boxing that never showed up at school. :p My civvy mates were agog at my tattoo and I shagged the girl we all lusted after at school in Ross On Wye churchyard. :wink:
  4. The uniform,it was a fanny magnet on leave.
    Most went on leave and couldn't wait to change into civvies,if I was heading into Newcastle out came the uniform and it never failed[well mostly] except it also attracted the Chutney Ferrets who assumed,as a sailor,you were sewer pipe friendly.
    Especially good in the Smoke,as some of my mates went down Soho and got the Brown Hatters to pay for drinks all night,me and a couple of others always went up to the Chelsea Hospital in uniform and pulled the American Nurses who were loaded and free with the cash and the leg overs.
    The uniform every time.

  5. Ross on Wye churchyard? Was she fuckin "Dead gorgeous" or just gorgeous?
    Please don't tell me she was just dead 8O :roll:
  6. I have to say the best thing about joining the mob was standing at the bottom of the accomodation space hatch on a "O" boat watching the tottie coming down the boat for the "cock and ass" party 8O amazing how many never had their knicks on :p result :D
  7. dont get me wrong there are some quality reasons there. is anyone else in awe of the amazing ability to drink that the mob has given us all. never did i see anything more than "its a very good social life" in an recruitment shite i was given let alone "lets travel to the 4 corners of the world out drink every other nation and then still get in a stuper and get arrested" its done me well though even though its more expensive to go out now seen as i have to drink more than anyone else
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    You post like your rumrats love child from a previous marriage. I like your jibba jabba, but that doesn't mean I want touch your love handles.
  9. The adverts when I joined in 65 all promised Travel, Adventure and Excitment.
    I think it's fair to say they came through.

    But in 69 they ran adverts telling us to join "Britain's Modern Navy"
    So I put my request form in to do so and got trooped and 3 days 14 punishment for frivolous requesting. :twisted: :cry: :cry:
  10. its legal now but not compulsary. perhaps thats a surprising thing about joining up now :)
  11. I tend to find if there's no chance of getting caught, there's no incentive to do it.
    Half the fun of doing a forbidden thing is getting away with it. :twisted: :roll:
  12. I had heard and read about the boys at Ganges manning the mast.This for me held no appeal as more than 6 foot off the ground and I am bricking it.I was mightily relieved to find out that Raleigh's mast was not climbable or if it was we were never invited to try.
  13. Sunday Dinners everyday.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good point.

    My missus, a bit more intellectual than me, (but then most women are) was incredulous when I told her where I'd visited.

    "Did you visit the Anne Frank House & Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam?" She asked.

    "Erm, nope" I replied.

    "Did you visit Pompeii when in Naples?"

    "Erm, was that the name of the pub by the dockyard?"

    "What about the Sistine Chapel and the Pantheon in Rome?"

    "I may have done. Were they Tetleys or Whitbread-owned?" :wink:
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I had a similar conversation with an ex Merchant Navy bloke, on finding out that I had been to Bangkok his first statement was "Aren[t the Temples beautifull?" I expect they were says I.

    Good stuff about joining up, I joined in 1960 a time when cheap package holidays hadn't been invented so few had travelled abroad. First ship at Portland (I could nearly see Mothers house), I thought this is going to be exciting, it was, we went abroad to Brussels, Portugal and Alderney(???)

    Next posting was 12 months in the West Indies, visited most of the Islands including Independance days for Jamica and Triniday and Tobago. On the same trip went to several places in the USA and Mexico.

    Next posting was to Boats, again spent about three months in the West Indies and visited several UK ports.

    Then did the best part of two and a half years in Singapore which included visits to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Australia, Philapines, Guam, Panama, Pearl Harbour amongst others. Flew out and brought a Boat home.

    I came out in 1970 and civvy mates were excited because they had been to Spain!
  16. 8) Me too I saw the world through bar room windows an knocking shops. had a great time. Had to go back to Honk as a civvy to get up the peak. :p

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