What was the best Ship you ever worked in / on


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Without a doubt HMS Manchester. Great ships company from the captain (the late Tony Wigley) down. Fantastic MAA (Bruce can't remember his surname) Nil punishment returns for the first 18 months.
happiest ship in the fleet.
HMS Hermes(?) 82, on a long range cruise to evict some unwanted tenants. To stop me feeling alone or out of place with all those matelots I took a few mates along. Educational experience.


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HMS Anglesey doing fishery protection. Top stand off's in North Shields, Top Ship's Company throughout and as much fish as you could eat.
Truncheon and Opportune both great boats with super crews and some ggod runs ashore


To add to the in/on argument. I nave never heard a matelot ever say I was in Ark Royal, Arrow etc. it is always on. This is because it is not a physical thing, it is that all members of a crew are carried "on" the books of HMS *****. If it is a shore establishment then it can be in "I was in Barracks at the time"
HMS SCYLLA, first commission, out in the far east Australia, Thailand, Singapore Japan Hong Kong just about anywhere that had a port even Bunbury in WA when it had a single wood jetty. Skipper Mike Higgs, (when on to be FO GIB) Brilliant time had by all. home via South Africa, St Helena, and GIB
probably the same as Crabman, helping evict some gypo types.
Nice going to work on the roof in a gale, freezing & wet!

News Update - The 2 New Carriers are going into a reduced readiness state in 2013/14


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Best Ship - HMS Bristol (87-89). Joined her during conversion to DTS Flagship under Sir Hugo White, soon followed by Sir Alan West, had about 5 deployments (i.e. jollies) during my time. Great Ship's Company due to her 'in a class of her own' status. Very happy memories...

Best Establishment - Portsmouth West Sailing Centre, Royal Clarence Yard (93-95). Worked as a dinghy/yacht/powerboat bosun, obtaining almost every type of boat ticket available. Self-sufficient, loads of responsibility for an AB, on the water every day, getting fit, going on jollies into the Solent/across the Channel. Basically worked as a service sailing instructor in civvies for 2 years.
HMS Ulster when she was a Sea Cadet training ship alongside at Excellent (Where HMS Bristol is now )

Did nothing but sunbathe and get pissed watching cricket for the whole of Summer 1976. All 15 of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revenge (Port ) 1979 comes a very close second for a great ships company tho !!


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Didn't have a bad one, maybe the fact that the Ulster was the largest with a crew of around 170, was on her as a 17 year old for 12 months around the West Indies, don't have a clear memory so I suppose its possible that she was crap. Everything else I served in or on had a crew of less that 65 generally.
I did go onto, I believe the Ark Royal, just the once to pick up the mail, this nasty man shouted at me, something about the dress of the day and haircuts. I explained that our Captain didn't like us in dresses but was OK about the hair as we were doing a lot of sea time. I invited the nasty man back to the boat for a chat with my Captain, but he lost interest and went away


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HMS London out to the Gulf and Far East, a brilliant series of fantastic runs ashore combined with some fairly pleasant sea time. Two good captains and a really great ship's company all round.
On board RFA Diligence, as part of Naval Party1600.
We were based mainly in Jebel Ali Freeport, just outside Dubaii, during the Iran Iraq war. Fantastic social life,(esp the nurses from Sharja) ex-pats were brilliant, civvy accomodation, lots of sunshine beer and volleyball, not too much work. Great bunch of lads. Only spent about a fortnight at sea for the 5 months I was there, even got a GSM(Gulf) for my time in the "war zone"...war is hell :thumright:
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