What was that ship?

Discussion in 'History' started by Oomallac, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Sitting here at 20.00, eating a freshly picked mango, can of Tiger beer and generally browsing this site my mind recalls one of HM's ships moored in the entrance to Plymouth dockyard.

    From wkat I can remember it was closer to the Cornish side, the time being 1976/77, and was it a "bite" but I was told that it was/had been re-painted on one side ror the fleet review, (apparently this was done to show the sightseers a "new" ship)
    Can someone tell me what this was this ship's name please.
  2. Oomallac

    The creator of this website:



    "The reasoning behind the design is unworkable, but it is done. HMS Leander is the first, she is hastily towed out to join the Fleet review in 1975, with time to paint only one side! And the RN Ikara Leander is shown to the world."

    Could the answer to your question be HMS Leander?
  3. hmm ill speak to my dad. he served on HMS Leander so he may know.
  4. I was on the Leander 75-77, most of 75 we were up off Iceland ramming gunboats and in 76 we had the bow smashed in so we spent 9 months getting repaired.
    Don't think we got towed out to a Fleet Review in my time, although I was a baby sailor learning about Vintage cider in the Grand Theatre and didn't remember much after a few halves of that.
  7. Was Joe Lennox on the Leopard at that time?
  9. Thanks to all for the info, I do not think that this ship was the Leander, my memory (bad though it is) seems to think it being a "big" ship.

    Surely the RN wouldn't tow a ship from Plymoutg to Spithead or would they?
  10. Fellah's

    It was Eagle

    and thats from a sundodger :roll: 8)
  11. Or E GLE as it read after one of the Jupiter Point saling sprogs attemted to take it down in an ill advised ramming incident :D :D

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