What was she thinking mk2

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by mikh, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Pity she left her cap on. Pretty little thing though, got any more photo's?
  2. And still they bleat about wanting to be taken seriously...
    Like when I was an instructor and had to put up with the chip on the shoulder girls who try too hard to be treated like a man, and then (2 occasions) offer to blow me so they can pass exams.
    I treat the professional ones seriously, this one aint. An MP posing nude in a uniform cap. Duh !
  3. OK, out with all the cliches:

    "She can take down my particulars any day"
    "Wouldn't mind a ride in her meat wagon"
    "How about receiving some swollen goods luv?"

    That tat must have smarted a bit though.
  4. Of course Jack never posed nude wearing just his cap. This is much more a problem of people not realising the impact of modern comms. In the old day the handful of polaroids would heve stood little chance of making worldwide distribution.
  5. Once more we are in agreement Peter.
    However these young people have grown up with today's modern technology and perhaps should be a little more aware of certain consequences. I wonder if this picture would have been posted if she wasn't sso attractive?
  6. I don't think these people don't understand the technology, rather they seem to trust their mates. Now if a bloke took some dodgy polaroids al he could really do was show his mates down the pub and pretty picture will probably never hear of it, but now they end up in the Scum within hours, more society than technology I fear.
  7. Mates like these you can do without!
    What ever happenned to looking after one another?
  8. As I said modern society
  9. wish I hadn't clicked on that....tutor looking over my shoulder must think I'm a pervy lesbian
  10. Yeah, but if you have to wonder whether she was deliberately "outed" because of her red cap status. Like reggies and real coppers, these people need to be whiter than white. The "do as I say, not as I do" style doesn't cut it.
  11. This kind of thing could be the death of the gronk board...
  12. Why? Have you got spiky hair and wearing dungarees and doc martens? :lol:
    It's OK to look, just get your hand out of your pants :twisted:
  13. Have you got a secret camera spying on me?!
  14. I don't need one womps, you birds love it just as much as us blokes .wink
  15. And to top it all just right click and save then you too can send the pic around the world or stick it up on the gronk board!
  16. They must have been desperate!
  17. I'd give her one , mmmmmmmmm :wink:

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