What type of bang stick?

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by Rigsby, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. I am about to join a Deer Stalking syndicate and will need to consider getting a Deer Stalking Rifle. I will be going halvers with my oppo as we will be going out together (stalking that is and not to the local disco).

    the types of deer to be shot will range from Red deer and smaller

    i am looking for the flattest trajectory curve possible (who isn't) based upon a practicable range to shoot from/at (100-200 or 300?) and am not bothered about the cost of ammo as once zero'd i wont be taking pot shots at anything else as i have other weapons for that

    i am shooting for the table so a 0.5 inch Barrett is not practicable!

    i could have just PM'd Bergan but thought i would open out the question to others to contribute

    for the benefit of doubt i am somewhat familiar with bang sticks, just not deer rifles

    wait out...........
  2. oh B**locks - this should be in the great outdoors section - oops

    can a Mod help please?
  3. CZ 550.585.jpg This should do the trick,since you dont fancy the Barrett.CZ 550 .585 :glasses8:
  4. Gimme a shout, for the right coin, I'll knock you up one of these in 300 win mag.

  5. One of the dog handlers at work is a deer shootist. Him big chief Bovington Deer Group!!!!

    If you can wait a few days I'll ask him when I get to work.

    Edited bit!

    Just emailed his boss to ask him for advice.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  6. Go with what you know.
    We use a 1980's FN SLR 7.62mm.
    Not sure why it caught my eye :)

    Apparently the camo Is to disguise it. Like the deer can tell..

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  7. thanks for the replies so far

    the SLR takes me back a few years to nod training - now where did i put that SUIT sight?

    Waspie - there is no hurry for a response as my oppo is that keen he will take ages making his mind up after trawling numerous/various websites (some of dubious content as well i suspect). probably looking at purchasing/ordering in one months time providing the syndicate sorts itself out
  8. OK. My mate is usually mega busy either going stalking or training prospective stalkers. Work sorta spoils his after work activity.

    Keep you informed.
  9. You get trained as a stalker!! Does Blackrat know about this!
  10. All to do with the 'culling' I believe!!! Don't want to go and shoot he wrong deer. Especially if she is in the queue for benefits!!!!!

  11. Wondered what really happened to redmist!
  12. I know **** all about Deer. Even less about guns. I started by trying to help someone.

    Your smart arsed remark really isn't necessary or funny.

    And No I'm not on blob or had a sense of humour failure just pissed off with quasi funny remark. Have a bad enough time on here with the real 'redmists' without the grown ups joining in!
  13. Wow waspie!!!
  14. Ya got me on a bad day!!!!!:blob6:
  15. Rigsby - you have PM.
  16. Thoughts/Choices so far:

    .303 cos ammo is cheap, plentiful and will drop anything including boar. Zero to 100 yards

    .270 similar reasons to .308

    6.5x55mm - longer, thinner Finnish calibre that packs a punch. Got a good UK rep.

    .243 Flat trajectory. Good for smaller deer but not no happy on red or hog as marksmanship needs to be spot on (probably too small then)
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2013

  17. This lady seems to agree with your choice....


    'Where'd that damn deer go?' *

    * in Arabic.
  18. That doesn't look like downtown Miami.
  19. wal

    wal Badgeman

    It's Down town Donny.
  20. Sitrep

    Tika T3 - Lite/Varmint .308 with Jet Z Moderator - it is then

    Cheers Waspie

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