What to wear!

All I know is it's a No's 1's with gongs affair, so if you're a booty as you've posted this in the Corps section I gather you are, then wear you're No's 1's with gongs.

If you ain't a booty but you're a Matelot then god help us!

If you're civi what the f*ck does it matter what you wear?
ha yea im a bootneck mate. i just fort it was lovats cos ive seen other bootys go to marines pass out in lovats so assumed it was same for navy. alright cheers mate.
I'm sure one of the booties will be along and confirm I'm no expert on Booty dresses. I personally never seen a Booty in blues at a passing out parade only seen them in Lovats even the drill instructors
When we had our Afghan medal presentation our token booty pilot has his Lovats on so I presume that will be OK?

Just give the Drill Instructors at Raleigh a call!! 1212 is the number I think?
Go in lovats. I went to my cousins pass out down Raleigh wearing Lovats and no one said owt.

You wear blues and you will make all the Baby matlots look like fecking scran bags.
reactionz said:
i was gonna go in civvies. apparently you gotta go in rig i reckon thats bulls**t
Wear what you like, it's her day, all eye's on her. If you want to go in civvies do it. Go in rig and you'll end up in Navy News as a feel good factor phot opportunity but it's your call. Been on a few Raleigh divisions and only ever seen Booty guests in lovats (unless your a bandie, what instrument do you play Royal:D )
Just checked with an oppo of mine who happens to be the Base Warrant for Raleigh and he said the official line is serving personnel attend in best bib and tucker with medals (blues) or attend in civvies as no-one will be any the wiser, hope that helps.
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