What to wear interview and pre joining fitness test

Hey I just wonderd what people recommend to wear for the interview as you also have to do your pre joining fitness test on the same day. Thanks for any help.
I'm on about the day when you have to go do you're phychometeric test, mile and a half on the treadmill and the the interview afterwards

You don't have to do your pre-joining fitness test on the same day as your interview.

If you have a suit, wear it for your interview. if you don't have a suit, a smart jacket and trousers, shirt and tie is fine.

The most likely scenario is that you will do the test and talk through the results with the Careers Advisor on one day; if you have passed, he/she will ask you to come back on another day for an interview.


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It never hurts to go in a suit, whether you are applying for a commissioned or non-comissioned position, it shows that you are willing to make the effort and you are enthusiastic about joining the RN.


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Matty44 said:
ok do you jus have ur psychometeric exam and then you interview on that day then.
First - you will go and sit the tests, and you will be told on the day if you have passed or failed.
Second - assuming you pass the recruitment tests, you will be invited to interview. You will recieve a letter through the post inviting you to interview. After the interview, assuming you pass, you will go off and have your medical (or at least i did anyway).
Thirdly - having passed the interview and medical, you will be given details of the PJFT, and where you need to go to take this. You must phone the gym and book it yourself, amd it must be taken within 28 days.

On the issue of what to wear - for the recruitment test wear smart casual, some people only go in jeans and a t-shirt, some people go in a suit, but I personally felt most comfortable wearing smart casual.
For the interview, you need to dress smartly, as mentioned above, if you have a suit, wear it. Otherwise shirt, tie and trousers.
For the PJFT you will be going to the gym and you can just dress casually.

I passed my PT last week at Hull AFCO and they told me the recruitment process is changing and we'll be one of the first lot to experience it. It goes like this:

Psychometric Tests
Eye Test
Then finally the interview

Obviously all on different days.

We were told it is changing because a lot of time, money and resources are being used interviewing people before they have been declared fit to join and many people apparently apply who know full well they are not fit to join or are naive enough to think somethings won't be discovered about previous medical issues or just don't read the info! So in the words of my AFCO they are "getting rid of the riff-raff who don't pass PT, PJFT and medical then seriously interviewing the rest who do pass, last".

I have my medical next week. :)
i always remember taking my interview then medical and two weeks i was in but best of luck to you young guys you will get there in the end, and if you dont you are not a failure you are destined for better things
My PT were at 0845 so I got there at 0815. It took a long time to get 20 or so applicants passports/driving licence/birth certificate photocopied etc. We actually went in for the exam at 0915 and they talk you through what each section is and how long you have for it etc and we actually began at around 0930 ish. Took the test and I didn't leave with my results until 1300! We watched a dvd on HMS Raleigh 3 times before they came back with results! Hope yours is quicker than mine was. But I passed and just to hear that was worth the wait!
Completely depends on how many people are there. There were only 4 of us in doing the RTs with 3 of us being early. So they did most of the photocopying and paperwork before we were technically meant to be there. Then we watched a DVD while marking. The whole testing was about an hour and a half...I think. Started at 8.45 and was out well before 12. Just hope that there aren't too many when you go so you don't have to wait around. Good luck! :)

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