what to take to raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Gav_17, May 12, 2009.

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  1. HI there I am joining raleigh soon and was wondering how much and what kind of casual clothes should you take with you?
  2. Pretty much what you're wearing on your way down as you're unlikely to be spending much time out of uniform.
  3. Gav

    I have my kitlist, and it states where trouses and shirt, it says that you will be mostly in uniform throughout your 9 weeks, am just going to wear a white or blue shirt and trouses, has anyone actually went down in casual jeans and top?
  4. Until Rum Ration becomes the Official Recruiting site for the Royal Navy, take what they tell you to take, it`s on your kit list, not rocket science is it? but what the fukc do I know.
  5. Take a Berry, pants and flip flops. That will be the rig of the day to go ashore in.
  6. I took my Campaign Wine cooler,Wardrobe and Bed,all made by Gillows of course.I took my Telescope and sextant which were lodged with Smithers,my Man,the Surf board was left behind on the Yacht as Pater said id be lucky as a medic to get a Seadraft!As for cleaning my gear,i just binned it and bought new from Saville Row.

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