What to take to Cyprus?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hookyh, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Anyone here who has any idea what kit (apart from the obvious!) is required to be taken to Cyprus? Been deployed multiple times so know what's what in terms of what's needed to do the job for real, but thinking of stuff for off-duty primarily.

    Is everyone in civvies after the working day and allowed to be adults (within professional constraints obviously) and go out for a wet or two, or is it a case of all being corralled and forced to enjoy lame 'socials' and instances of the 'lights out' bollocks we were subjected to by the disgraceful self-important muppets who ran the last Bournemouth weekend?

    Just don't want to be carrying loads of gear I don't need. If I'm in rig the entire deployment then so be it, but don't want to be threaders at the end after taking stuff I'll never use?

    Not going to get into training stuff on here, but if anyone has any idea of what's in store based on last year, or knowledge of what's to come, then I'd be grateful if you'd PM me!

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Pongos find a shovel comes in handy. 8)
  3. Warning order due out very soon, and the work up "weekends" will also give you a full detial of what, where, when etc!
  4. Plus a bucket and loads of factor 50 to ward off sun burn.
  5. When are the weekends likely to be and are they all mandatory? Just wondering if exams or other training will get in the way. :?
  6. By the very nature of your brain dead questions, I suggest you take your mum or another appropriate adult.
  7. The warning order has just arrived with me for final staffing, and I hope to get it out by Wednesday 7th April. (IT Snags permitting).
    The intention is for the North and South Briefing Days/workups to be held:
    NORTH - 12th June
    SOUTH - 19th June
    I hope to go firm on dates and location by this Wednesday.

    Out of preference, I would prefer this to be the last post that refers to an Operational Exercise in a public forum. Though I do undestand that the need for information seems to be all-consuming, hence my intention to get the ETM/Warning Order out asap.

    If you have a burning question, try your Unit, or if closed, your RFPO, or if RFPO is unavailable (unlikely), then come direct to me.

    And finally, I strongly urge a reduction in posts about Service Matters iaw the regulations regarding Servicemen/women and public anouncements during the run up to a General Election.
    Yours Aye
  8. SO2Seaman: Cheers Boss! - Out!


    Whoever you are you're complete co*k! Never seen you on here before, but feel free to intro. yourself to me around the bazaars so we can deal with it in person!
    As I mentioned I have several Op. tours and many years in service under my belt, so don't be such a total knob and start with the slagging. Some of us have been doing back to back tours, (not just of FPG either) while others have been playing at it and subsequently have no idea what goes on at these kind of events, but ARE used to being fu*ked around by micro-managers intent on being self-important and fighting others of the same ilk to show who can be the most 'in-charge'. We've seen antlers being bashed together on weekends in the UK by those trying to prove how self-important they are, so my question was only an attempt to pre-empt being, messed around morning, noon and night as can be the wont of some! I just didn't know whether evenings were free or if days were essentially long, with social time being at a premium (Or in other words shall I bring ban-yan rig or not?). Is that too much to ask????
  9. So you didn't pick up a sense of humour on your back-to-back tours then?
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Agreed. Some sort of chill pill may well be in order.
  11. Montigny & Blackrat:

    Fair one guys! Retracted!
  12. ..........................although to be fair there was no humour whatsoever in the original comment. I do love a large dose of banter on here, but that was just a snotty comment for no particular reason.
  13. Sorry Doris, next time I'll put a smiley face, but more than happy to meet up and sort it out in person, I just luurve you perma cross keyboard warriors....

    P.S. Will you be bringing your mum?
  14. Spidiver: Now this time it is funny! Fair play! Lol

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