What to expect to witness at sea.......

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by thingy, May 17, 2009.

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  1. I have noticed that Ninja has not prepared you Noobies for some of the shocking experiences you may experience at sea. So, just for you, here is an excerpt from 'Sailor'. Wouldn't want you unprepared for naval life on the great wide oggin.... :D


    WARNING: The Wardroom don't always behave like this......
  2. They must have been practicing for a Sods Opera, or at least 'I hope' they were practicing for a Sods Opera.:)
  3. :lol: G and S and thats just the officers :wink: :wink: Skipper (Big Wilf) and the Commanders
  4. Crikey.. very fruity.

    I've been meaning to ask, I've been watching the 'Submarine' 3-part docu from 1985, and I noticed this in the Sailor series too.. some of the officers have a reet snooty accent, like when shouting 'Fire!' on a sub exercise, it came out like 'fahhh'.. y'know the "jolly good show old chap, what what what, taking the whippets and corgis for a walk in the park" kind of plum in mouth thing.. does that still exist in the navy or do most folks talk normally? I feel I might have a tiny problem keeping a straight face if I encountered that..
  5. Define "normally".
  6. Yep, you got me!

    Minus the plum.
  7. Correctomondo, Followed by the lower decks rendition of " The magic roundabout " and " It aint half hot Mum " iirc :lol: :lol:
  8. Probably says more about you than it does about them....
  9. It wasn't a serious post. Lighten up!
  10. Incidentally, I know many a "plummy" Officer who finds my regional accent hilarious. During quieter moments there's much p1ss taking both ways.
  11. Nice one :wink: :wink: here is an earlier post on the subject :wink: scouse:
    OMG Dont suppose they have done away with the "PLUM IN MOUTH"insertion at BRNC?? as well.
    PO reply quote
    No Silver spoons or plums are issued, although one or two seem to have acquired one before they joined.:
  12. I have always found it funny when the fake "Home Counties" accent drops at times of stress. The idiots.
  13. Oi, there's nothing wrong with plums in mouths! :evil:

    Just to explain: it's an inherited trait (like pronouncing trait correctly as 'tray' not 'trait') ;) One's parents were born with plummy accents and so one acquires it at birth. That's my excuse. I can impersonate a ruffy tuffy skinhead when drunk, though. :oops:

    ;) :biggrin:
  14. I was once told the easiest way to pass AIB was not to say hello when entering the board but say "Air Hair Lair" quickly.
  15. I got the impression from the BBC's documentary in 1959, that ALL Trogs had cultured accents, including you Wrecker. Nutty puts on an Essex accent just for my benefit, but the moment my back is turned....... ;) :lol: Are you telling me that JRO Bellringer was the exception??!! o_O

    Astonished of Andover


    Back in the 1950s-late 1970s ALL nozzers spoke with cut glass accents and only after passing out of their training ship did they learn (being taught the hard way by rough matelots from the war years) how to speak proper loke wot you lot do! ;)

    Scousey still sounds like HM The Queen! :D :wink:
  16. Took me years to find out what TRYSERS were, until some young fella said that I was wearing a pair...

    Bit like walking the HINDS RIND THE GRINDS.....

    And SEX is what you put coal in......

    Don't suppose it's changed all that much, certainly not with the general list officers from ancient naval families....par for the course...
  17. Who's plums are you talking about? 8O
  18. my plums are more like prunes nowadays :cry:
  19. Pleeease Rod, young and not so young noobs may be reading this thread and totally getting the wrong impression about life in one of Her Majesty's war canoes.

    PS: What I lack in that department is more than made up for by the inflated lifejacket I wear all the time, what some uncultured people rulely call a beer gut. :biggrin:

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