What to expect from POV visit?

Currently in the process of trying to get on a Potential officer visit at hopefully one or more bases. Information online about what is covered during these visits is relatively sparse. Could someone who has been on one please give a rough breakdown of what is undertaken?
Went on one last year really worthwhile. Meet some great people. Had talks from different sections, participate in some team building activities, used the simulator equipment. Learnt about pipelines and a tour of RN ship. If you have the opportunity take it.
Only been on a POV to HMS Collingwood so I can't really speak for other bases, but I went down with around 17 other warfare officer candidates. The evening you arrive is largely settling in, grabbing some scran, chatting with the officers. From waking up the next day, you're non-stop being taken from building to building to hear talks from experienced officers and ratings. You'll learn a lot about the various specialisations available further down the line, as well as the training pipeline. With any luck you'll be able to visit a serving warship, unfortunately none were available on my visit but we did end up with a tour of HMS Bristol as a consolation. The team building exercises are good fun if all of you just get into it. TALK TO THE OFFICERS, they have a hell of a lot of wisdom to share.

All in all, it's a very worthwhile trip that'll give you the chance to learn a lot more about the service you're thinking of entering. Most importantly, enjoy it. I know I did.
@Charlemagne's general advice seems useful and before you go try jotting down all of your queries in a wee notebook as an aide memoire for your visit & start thinking now about 'Oily Queues'*.

eg Unless there has been a recent amendment the following reference to solid sustenance is not listed in the Wardroom Phrasebook. :eek:

... grabbing some scran...

*'Oily Queues' = Officer-like qualities.


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